Writing a Plan for Your Products Roadmap Which Stands a Chance of Success

Writing a Product Roadmap Plan. Plan out what you have to write in small sections and it becomes a piece of cake

by Rod Dunne on August 3, 2011

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Getting ahead in business is not that hard. It takes a good product, of course, and customers willing and able to buy your product. The trick is in knowing how to get your product noticed by the public. Not surprisingly, this calls for a plan.

You can call it writing a product roadmap plan, or writing a business plan, or even a product marketing plan! But you need a plan to get you started off properly, and headed in the right direction. This is especially the case with small startup business marketing plans.

Where do you start when writing a product roadmap plan?

So how do you go about writing a product roadmap plan, especially if you have never heard of one before? The simplest way to accomplish this goal is to copy off someone else’s template. In this case, a software product roadmap program (for example, Accept Software) that contains hundreds of examples you can browse through.

None of these will be exact matches for your own situation, but there will be many of them that will serve as highly suggestive examples that guide you towards the right exit ramp.

Once you have obtained a software suite of product roadmap plans, and have narrowed things down to the ones that seem most suited to your own particular business needs, you finally get your opportunity to shine.  Anyone can put his or her own business name on someone else’s plan. You need to start applying the guerilla strategies for business/marketing you know whether that relates to the products design, testing, etc.

Of course, this will be obvious to the people who view your new product roadmap.  After all, they look at hundreds of such plans every year, and will probably notice if you show up with a carbon copy of one they have already seen. You will receive no points for originality there.

Get creative! Always customize your product roadmap examples

Roll up your sleeves and get creative. Think of these product roadmap examples as a series of basic templates, which you need to grasp and then modify to the point where the proposal becomes your own, and nobody else’s.

This is not difficult once you have the creative juices flowing from viewing all of those sample proposals. You learn volumes about writing a product roadmap plan by carefully observing how others have accomplished the task in the past.

Once you master their techniques, you simply make sure that your new proposal is superior in every way, just as your new product is better than those it will soon replace. Moreover, the same techniques can be applied if you have to know how to write an all over business plan based upon the product roadmap by using templates and modifying them for your own context (i.e. your business, product, finances, prospects, etc.) involves the same simple approach.

Designing your new product and working out the bugs was the hard part, but that is all behind you now. Capitalize on the collective experience of those who have gone before, and do a better job than anything you can find examples of.

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