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3 website design packages and systems for rapidly and professionally creating your own sites, blogs or e-commerce sites

by Rod Dunne on April 4, 2011

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You need a proper online presence in order to avail of the various Internet business opportunities available on the Internet. In reality, you need to use web design packages in order to have a dedicated website domain and well-designed site that expand as your company grows online.

This article looks at the three different package options usually on offer website designers and the types of prices you should be paying.

When Tim Berners-Lee (the man who invented the Internet as we know it today) decided to put Internet protocols and HTML together he probably didn’t realize that an entire industry building website design packages would grow to support the new HTML language.

Every year new affordable web design packages become available which make it easy for individuals, small companies and larger corporations to have a professional looking and cool web design.

The web design package options available these days relate to three different types, namely basic small volume sites, larger content management system sites and e-commerce (shopping cart) website design packages. Each of these has their own pros & cons, feature lists and target specific types of users, as follows.

Basic website (5 to 10 pages)

These are usually quite affordable web design packages with 5 to 10 simple HTML web pages. These are often referred to as vanity sites where there is simply a small amount of information about how to contact the business owner, company information, etc. Even a smaller scale business ideas can be rapidly deployed online using off-the-shelf website designs.


  • Small number of pages (landing pages, contact pages, etc.)
  • Basic HTML and web technologies used


  • Does not scale well if you wish to expand the site. In this case, businesses will often opt for new website design packages based on CMS/blog databases.

Best suited to:

  • Small vanity websites that only require a small amount of pages and will not be prone to changing/addition of web pages.

Price range: $200-$600. At the higher end you can expect better graphics and customized logos.

Blog Packages

CMS/blog websites (database driven system)

Content management systems (CMS) are a type of software technology which provides an interface for several content authors to publish articles on their website on an ongoing basis without having to worry about the formatting of the page.

Databases are used in the backend to store actual web page data and CSS is used to format the actual presentation of the content. The most widely used technology for this in small scale industries is WordPress which is relatively easy to use, even for non-technical individuals.


  • Greater flexibility for creating fully functional websites including forums, blogs, articles, galleries, etc.
  • May include an interface to an email marketing management tool or other blogging utilities for harnessing reader information.
  • Ability to apply greater details of content tagging, categorization.
  • Systems like WordPress can also incorporate different search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) add-ons for optimizing your chances of pages getting to the top of search engine results.


  • May prove to be too cumbersome if you simply want a small website (i.e. under 10 pages).

Best suited to:

  • Forward thinking companies who want to consider a growing digital marketing strategies where their website will continue to grow in the number of pages and have the flexibility of altering your cool web design package as and when you need to.

Price range: $800-$1200. Websites requiring larger amounts of customization and specific bespoke web pages require more initial setup.

Ecommerce CMS for designing websites

E-commerce website

The final type of web design packages relates to e-commerce sites containing shopping carts and web pages for presenting inventories & galleries of products/services. Crucial to these websites is the ability to add new products, alter prices, integrate with credit card processing systems and automated download utilities (for selling digital products – e-books/software/etc. – which can be sent directly to the customer following check out).


  • Dedicated shopping cart allowing multiple product purchases as well as discounting coupons.
  • Search and indexing capabilities.
  • Advanced security and encryption of customer data.
  • Customer reviews and rating information for providing social proof.


  • May be unnecessary for websites that are purely informational.
  • Even many e-commerce websites transfer the actual purchasing stage to larger commercial operations (e.g. musician websites where individuals are redirected to iTunes).

Best suited to:

Price range: $1500-$2000. This is one area where affordable web design packages are rarely available. In truth, due to the security factor required in authenticating and authorizing credit card information you want to make sure your package is dependable and secure as possible to protect customer information.

One final note about prices (and therefore freelance opportunities)

The prices above are detailed based on some of the more commonly available commercial options online. Better prices can be achieved by seeking out individual or local freelance web design package consultants. A freelance developer can create a cool web design which is completely bespoke to your requirements, often at a much reduced cost.

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