Tips for Getting the Most From Sample Marketing Plans

Using sample marketing plans which emphasize traditional as well as contemporary approaches to branding and promotion

by Rod Dunne on August 19, 2011

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Creating a marketing plan is not easy. For this reason, many businesses use traditional marketing plan samples. Marketing plan examples are helpful but you should never be used without modifications or changes.

In fact, these plans are best used as a springboard for your business to create its own marketing plan.

Best of all, you don’t need to employ off-line or online/web based marketing consulting firms get started using samples.

Where to start your search for marketing plan examples…

It is not hard to find websites that offer free marketing plans. It is a good idea to download more than one sample marketing plan, as multiple plans can give you many ideas for how to promote your business.

Once you have downloaded a number of business plan samples, the fun starts.

Focus on bringing together as many marketing techniques as you can

Take the traditional marketing plan samples and see what ideas, tips and strategies each one has to offer. Consider each strategy carefully and see how well it would work for your business. If possible, grade the idea (on a “one to ten” scale) to see how effective it would be.

Incorporate diverse concepts such as network marketing options & opportunities, guerrilla marketing techniques, etc.

Once you have looked over the ideas and identified which ones are the most effective, look over the list again and see how much each idea would cost to implement. This can put a damper on some ideas but it should not cause you to feel discouraged.

If you find some marketing ideas that you really like but cannot implement right now, write the ideas down and keep them for the future.

Use sample templates within your marketing plans but always customize for your goals & brand

Define an off-line and online marketing plan: The modern approach

Once you have created your own traditional marketing plan, it is time to create an online marketing plan. As many people turn to the internet to find products and services, internet marketing is vital to a business’ success.

Do not try to use the traditional marketing plan for online marketing, it will not work. The internet is a completely different playing field.

Find business plans samples that deal with online marketing. You can also find many websites that offer online marketing tips, many of which do not cost money to implement.

  • If your business is primarily internet based, you may want to outsource the internet marketing to an agency.
  • If not, you could probably implement the internet marketing plan bit by bit without professional assistance.

So, the key take-away is: Creating marketing plans for your business can be a lot of work but it should also be fun and a challenge. Looking up internet and traditional marketing plan samples can help give you new marketing ideas.

These sample plans are useful but you should not implement them without doing your own customization. After all, each business is different and should have its own unique marketing plan that suits its needs and budget.

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