Top 6 Productivity Improvement Strategies

Six productivity improvement ideas which can be applied to individuals, teams and entire companies

by Rod Dunne on February 9, 2011

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Productivity improvement ideas can radically alter the effectiveness in any organization. To get the most out of your staff you really need to focus in on a couple of key techniques that can show real benefits. In this article I’ll show you what the top six modern approaches are.

  1. Focus on training and career development. All employees like to think that their skills are going to expand as a result of working for your company. You will have improved productivity with better skilled employees who know how to do their work more efficiently. Incorporate this into your innovation strategies when thinking about technological growth areas that your company should be pursuing.
  2. Ensure clean, safe and friendly working conditions. Everybody works better with a good environment. If you are placed in a dark messy room then productivity naturally will decline (likewise when there is a lack of human interaction with others to buoy up spirits). Even providing sufficient daylight in office spaces can help improve the spirit some productivity of staff.
  3. Establish job performance standards and administer them fairly. Nobody likes to feel like their performance is not being rewarded. If the bonus and promotion review process is transparent then employees can work towards measured goals to progress their career. Use one of my 12 suggested process improvement tools to monitor, analyze and improve processes and operations.
  4. Allow flexibility for individuals to cross lines of specialization. Letting employees have a broad range of skills is better for them in the long run as the novelty of work increases. For the employer, you’ll see productivity improvement gains as staff can work in different areas and functions.
  5. Improve communication in the chain of command in both directions. Employees like to feel that they can provide feedback and insight into work practices, technologies and products. This type of feedback is invaluable for improving the overall value proposition provided by the company.
  6. Collaborate with workers on planning and decision-making. An employee who is involved in the project management and planning process feels more ownership and responsibility for their work. It also gives them some flexible skills in team leadership and negotiation. This improves their motivation and encourages greater productivity.

REMEMBER: It is the combination of strategy, improvement and productivity techniques which work in unison to make all workers, and the workforce more effective. The above techniques should help you and your firm.

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