what is strategic planning

3 Key Models for Strategic Planning in Marketing, Workforce Capacity and Business

by Rod Dunne November 15, 2011 Biz Dev
Defining your business strategies

As a manager or an entrepreneur, it is essential that you figure out how to improve your organization’s performance in order to stay ahead of competition. These employee erformance improvement plans form part of your strategic planning models, which are key to sustaining your organization. Therefore, it is very crucial that you understand what strategic planning (more)

Creating Strategic Planning Templates to Define Your Business Road Map

by Rod Dunne September 30, 2011 Biz Dev
Creating Planning Templates to Identify Your Business' Strategic Objectives

You can find a strategic planning template for just about any level of strategy for your company. But you may want to consider a strategic plan template meant specifically for your industry in order to get the best results. You may also find if useful a strategic plan outline that can help you build your (more)