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Supercharging Your Comments on Performance Review Appraisals

by Rod Dunne July 31, 2011 Creative
All employees should use performance reviews for appraising what's beneficial comments can highlight their skills

Your company no doubt uses some form of performance review comments to either encourage their employees or to correct something that employees are doing that should be altered as part of your in-house change management process. There are few things as important to both your employees and management as the comments on performance review appraisals. (more)

Avoid Uncomfortable HR Followups: Performance Appraisal Comments that Work

Don't discard the employee handbook just yet. Powerful performance review comments to encourage & motivate by Rod Dunne July 22, 2011 Creative

The care necessary with every word spoken in today’s corporate culture can be quite cumbersome to managers.  Managers often feel like they are skirting issues to avoid offending team members (lack of productivity, the needs to improve sales performance levels, etc.). The truth is, with the right skill set, you can provide honest feedback without (more)

Delivering Performance Review Phrases and Messages That Motivate

by Rod Dunne March 16, 2011 Creative
Using phrases in performance reviews that will motivate & encourage staff

Struggling to complete your performance review comments? Then you’re not alone. For the majority of team leaders, supervisors and managers the general review process is a difficult task to complete due to the awkwardness of being subjective. Describing other people’s qualities, considerate customer support/service skills, leadership abilities, etc. can be clouded by friendships. It is (more)