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Comparing Different Types of Performance Evaluation & Appraisal Methods

by Rod Dunne May 6, 2011 Creative
A comparison of popular appraisal methods for tracking employee performance

Have you considered which types of performance appraisal methods work best? There is a huge range of performance management tracking & review systems to choose from, but in principle modern organizations use three in particular. Each of these have their pros & cons you need to consider before use. These are (i) management by objectives, (more)

Delivering Performance Review Phrases and Messages That Motivate

by Rod Dunne March 16, 2011 Creative
Using phrases in performance reviews that will motivate & encourage staff

Struggling to complete your performance review comments? Then you’re not alone. For the majority of team leaders, supervisors and managers the general review process is a difficult task to complete due to the awkwardness of being subjective. Describing other people’s qualities, considerate customer support/service skills, leadership abilities, etc. can be clouded by friendships. It is (more)