new product development strategy

Breaking Down New Product Development Processes into Manageable Chunks

by Rod Dunne September 28, 2011 Innovation
Making sure the processes within product development do not smother new ideas and unique concepts from flourishing

Your new product development process begins with an idea that can be entirely original or an enhancement of an existing product. Getting final products to customers isn’t always easy however as your product development process is riddled with numerous hurdles that can stop your project before it even reaches completion. It All Begins With Requirements (more)

Creating Breakthrough Product Development Strategies that Work

by Rod Dunne August 26, 2011 Biz Dev
Breaking out of traditional product development concepts with fresh new strategies

There are many components for you to consider with a product development strategy. Not only do you have to consider how to develop the item in the first place, but you also have to consider the entire product development process. In other words, you will need to consider starting out by writing a proper product roadmap plan (more)