Survey Results: To What Degree is Marketing Punished in Google Plus?

by Rod Dunne April 24, 2012 Marketing

To what degree is marketing by individuals punished in Google+? This is precisely what I wanted to find out with my survey. But I also wanted to establish how reactive people were in punishing those who plied their wares using Google+ Profiles (as opposed to G+ Pages). I’ve not seen any surveys like this online (more)

Framing Fear for Fight, Flight & Freeze

by Rod Dunne February 4, 2012 Entrepreneurial
Framing Fear for Fight, Flight & Freeze

This has been bugging me of late. Every day you and I are bombarded with various messages relating to fears dangers and bad news. This can be in advertising, webpages, e-mails, human interactions and the media. What bugs me is that these fears are often framed without thought of how the recipient will react. That (more)