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Google+ Communities: The End of People As We Know It

by Rod Dunne December 9, 2012 Marketing
Communities vs Circles

So, Google rolled out their new applicationGoogle+ Communities last week, to much fanfare. And to anyone who has used Facebook Groups to follow their own interest networks it will be feel familiar. Certainly interest network communities was something long overdue introducing. Take a Step Back Though For the last 18 months or so Google have (more)

Survey Results: To What Degree is Marketing Punished in Google Plus?

by Rod Dunne April 24, 2012 Marketing

To what degree is marketing by individuals punished in Google+? This is precisely what I wanted to find out with my survey. But I also wanted to establish how reactive people were in punishing those who plied their wares using Google+ Profiles (as opposed to G+ Pages). I’ve not seen any surveys like this online (more)

Discovering the Lost Tribes of the Google Plus Ecosystem

by Rod Dunne February 26, 2012 Human Side
Discovering the Lost Tribes of the Google Plus Ecosystem

(or why curating & sharing your own circles is mission-critical social strategy) I had a bit of a revelation this week regarding Google Plus. When analyzing any system it’s easy for me (us!) to focus on large network elements. Things like the 100 million user accounts and some of its larger sub-communities (e.g. photographer networks). (more)

The 3 Social Networks within Google+ and The Part You Play

by Rod Dunne February 13, 2012 Innovation

You thought Google+ was just one social network, right? Technology-wise it’s all bundled in as one application – true. But the ecology of this knowledge network contains 3 different hidden networks we all overlook. I’ll show you the 3 hidden networks, the part you & your collaborators play in this and why you should even (more)