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Impress Your Boss on Project Pitches using Work Proposal Software

by Rod Dunne July 28, 2011 Human Side
Templating applications can nowadays make concise and clear work proposals to satisfy all tastes

The workplace in today’s world is becoming a competitive environment where you must make sure you stand out in order to secure your professional goals and success. Being a team member, coming in on time and staying until the job is done and paying attention to details will get you points. But nothing will impress (more)

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Simple Business Proposal Template

by Rod Dunne July 25, 2011 Biz Dev
Simple template structures for business proposals you can reuse in different scenarios, industries & contexts

Let us say you have a great business idea, but that alone will simply not do – you also need customers to make your business a success. Getting customers in this competitive world is not an easy task. A business proposal will help you answer your prospective customer’s questions and persuade them to choose you (more)

Structuring a Business Proposal Template to Target Customer Needs

by Rod Dunne January 4, 2011 Creative
Thumbnail image for Structuring a Business Proposal Template to Target Customer Needs

When companies receive a request for proposal (RFP) the first task is often to re-evaluate your sample business proposal template. Here I’ll show you a simple structure to use and how to focus your content to satisfy customer needs. Structuring your sample business proposal template The key focus when writing a business proposal is to (more)