Filtering Out the Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services and Solutions to Use

Being selective about the marketing services you use for making the most of social media

by Rod Dunne on September 8, 2011

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What should you look for when you need social media marketing services to help with your Internet campaign? These days social media is one of the best ways to reach the maximum amount of potential clients or customers within a few key areas or demographics.

However you need to understand social media management in order for it to be effective.

And you need to work on a social media marketing plan in order to conduct the best promotional campaign possible. If for no other reason than to work out what network marketing approaches & opportunities you can pursue.

What is Social Media Marketing and How Can it Help Your Business?

Traditional marketing techniques are becoming obsolete as consumers today are more equipped to block advertising messages. With the advent of caller identification, do-not-call registries, email SPAM filters and digital video recording today’s buyer can avoid marketing that he has not chosen to receive. Called outbound marketing the conventional methods of telling the consumer about your product have become less viable in this era.

What is Social Media Marketing?

A social media marketing strategy takes a new approach. Using the Internet to your advantage a new age of inbound marketing has become a more successful program. Social media outlets such as Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn have taken the place of direct mail and television advertising to inform audiences about your product with creative new online marketing ideas. At the very least, traditional advertising approaches can now be refreshed and reapplied in this new medium.

In this new marketplace consumers choose to be informed about you. If you are still wondering what is social media marketing then here are some examples:

  • Video-sharing on YouTube where everything from hip-hop-dancing babies to talking dogs can go viral and attract thousands of viewers. The potential for viral marketing approaches to take off is slim, but well worth some trial and error if it does pay off.
  • Facebook pages that are designed to promote your company product or program to buyers who like you and become your fans.
  • Twitter accounts that provide a 140-character limit through which your followers learn about your organization or commodity.
  • LinkedIn accounts with friends and associates who receive updates about you and your business
  • Photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Shutterfly that allow you to post pictures of events and products to stimulate viewer interest.
  • Blogs that can be easily designed for little or no cost and can attract the attention of consumers with similar interests. Combine this with an article/content marketing strategy for promoting organic traffic to your blog.

Although a newcomer to social media will need to overcome a slight learning curve once you become familiar with these new marketing techniques you will actually find you have an easier job than before. A little clever wording and some great pictures may be all it takes to attract fans and friends.

With the low-cost opportunities provided through a solid social media marketing strategy the healthy professional will Link In Tweet and post until one day his circulation increases and his product has gone viral.

SMM approaches have proven to be effective in recent years when marketing

Focusing in on what your current social media marketing strategy should be

The primary goal of a social media marketing plan is to drive more traffic to your site. Not only do you want potential customers to stop by your site but you also want them to buy your product or service. When you look into social media marketing services you need to find one that will see your company through the full length of the campaign from its conception to its execution.

One aspect of having effective social media management means that your messages will not end up in the spam box or have your company reported for violation of the CAN SPAM Act. Your service should know how to help present your company as reputable and legitimate.

If your promotion is presented in the wrong way you can end up actually losing potential customers as well as revenue. If possible ask for examples of previous campaigns on which your chosen service has worked.

You should also ask the service how it plans to target your niche audience. Most of the time campaigns are most effective when they have a specific audience segment in mind rather than trying to cast a lure into an abyss. It is important to know how to take advantage of social media to help market your products or services. If you need help you want to make sure you choose the right service.

Finally… Some Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Social media is one of the newest types of marketing because it allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers on a personal level. While It is still too early to decide which methods work best, there are still some simple social media marketing tips you can use to make some gains.

  1. Connect with your fans and followers on a personal level. With them a good weekend on a Friday and ask them about their weekend on Monday. Posting only business updates will bore your audience and cause them to unfollow you.
  2. Do not make every post an advertisement. A social media strategy should include questions tips advertising announcements and other things your audience might be interested in. Offering inspiring quotes or funny sayings can break up constant updates about products.
  3. Tell your followers that you value them by asking their opinion on products and services. Ask if they would like to see a new line or what products they would like to see more of. You do not have to follow every piece of advice but it can give you a good indication of your customer’s tastes.
  4. Use a program to schedule status updates. For maximum exposure you will want to find out the day and time most of your followers are online and able to receive your message. Schedule updates (e.g. using Twitterfeed, but theres loads of others) for these times to allow you to write your social media updates at one time per day no matter what time it is.

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