5 Key Skills All Good Customer Service Reps Should Have by the Bucket

5 skills every customer support/service rep needs to be proficient at

by Rod Dunne on July 30, 2011

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Everyone has had the experience of shopping at a store and receiving bad customer service. When you are willing to spend your hard earned money only to be treated badly, it makes for an unpleasant shopping experience. Easy tips on basic customer service skills could easily make the buying experience more pleasurable for both parties.

Why good customer service works?

On the other hand, everyone has had good customer service experiences when shopping where the customer service agent does everything to help you find what you are looking for and more.

Unfortunately, it is the bad experiences that we tend to talk about more and when it comes to reputation, a company that earns a reputation as having not-so-great customer service could find themselves losing customers.

This is why if you own or manage a retail store it is important to ensure that your employees are well trained when it comes to the skills you need in customer service so that customers will always have a pleasant experience and your shop will not earn one of those dreaded reputations!

You don’t need to limit this to retail staff only. Many restaurant & office-based customer facing roles (e.g. help desks) can also benefit from these customer service tips. You need to understand what is the right form of customer communication in your workplace environment truly meant to be like and see what channels and communication mediums are available to you.

What are the fundamental customer service skills?

Customer service skills are not hard to learn and to teach to others. There are courses that you can take but you do not really need them because you can learn it on your own. Of course, you can always suggest some comments for a performance evaluation which highlight some key skills.

Here is a list of some good customer service tips to start using:

  1. Always make eye contact and at least say “hello” within seconds of a customer walking into the store.
  2. Offer to help the customer if needed and if they prefer to just look around on their own, back off and wait for them to ask if they need assistance. Always stay nearby but do not be a pest or else they will feel intimidated or bugged by you and may leave the store.
  3. When offering add-ons, do not be too pushy and only make suggestions for products that would match with what the customer is already buying.
  4. Always be polite when dealing with customers. Common courtesy is unfortunately not as common these days as it used to be – so is always appreciated by customers.
  5. Whether they buy anything or not, thank them for coming into the store and welcome them to come again.

Remember: The points listed above are, of course, just the basis of good customer service. There so many things you can do to make your customers feel welcome when shopping at your store.

If you are looking for customer service representative jobs, make sure to familiar yourself with some things that need to be done to ensure you have the skills you need customer service and make yourself stand out from the other applicants!

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