Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Simple Business Proposal Template

Writing up business proposals based upon simple templates you can reuse over and over

by Rod Dunne on July 25, 2011

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Let us say you have a great business idea, but that alone will simply not do – you also need customers to make your business a success. Getting customers in this competitive world is not an easy task. A business proposal will help you answer your prospective customer’s questions and persuade them to choose you over others.

There are many business proposal templates available on the Internet (e.g. for a marketing survey/research proposal, project proposal templates, etc.), though they will not be enough by themselves to bring you customers. You need to keep in mind a number of things when writing proposals.

Here are a few elements to focus you proposal structure & content:

What it Should Include

A simple business proposal template always provides details on how you are going to develop your business and the way in which you are going to do it. You can start out using proposal samples, but be sure to start customizing it straightaway. After all, your business context is unique.

It should also include the people who are going to play important roles in the business’s development and how the finances will be managed. Detail any external consultants or product developments services you require.

It is vital for a business proposal template to be clear on the aforementioned points. You should also focus on detailing your marketing and sales strategy along with your unique selling point (i.e. any innovative business ideas you may wish to pursue).

Writing Style

You should always keep your audience in mind when composing a simple business plan template. A good proposal will try to cater to a global audience with the understanding it might be read and evaluated by people in various countries around the world. It is important to note that for these people English might be a second language.

You should keep the language simple and free of jargon in any form of work proposal template. Try to avoid references to pop culture as it might go over the head of the reader. A simple business proposal template will also feature language that is politically correct so as not to alienate people from minorities, disabilities, race, etc.

Communication is Necessary

A good project proposal template will try to communicate first, impress later. Your goal for the proposal is to persuade, so it must be easy go through, highlighting important points at the beginning and ending with the least important details.

The goal of any simple business proposal template is always to communicate ideas clearly and effectively. Consequently, it must be free from errors and feature important details of the company you are planning to run.

In Other Words…

As I’ve shown above, a good template will focus you in on stating your ideas clearly and effectively. It should be structured in such a way that it highlights important information first and can be read by any person around the world.

The language should be simple, easy to understand and politically correct. There are many templates available on the Internet, but it is always a good idea to keep these points in mind when structuring and making drafts of your own proposal.

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