Is it OK to Use Sample Phrases Extensively in Performance Review Appraisals?

All performance appraisals use template or sample phrases extensively. The key is customizing these to motivate your staff and business context

by Rod Dunne on August 7, 2011

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Your employee performance reviews are essential to long-term business success. No chain is any stronger than its weakest link. Likewise, no organization is a single iota more productive than is its least proficient member.

Realistic, objective individual comments on performance review appraisals are imperative for optimizing collective productivity in your company.

Human ingenuity is the most valuable asset that your business can possibly possess. Its proper evaluation and critique is crucial to identify and avert potential difficulties and conflicts that undermine general morale and overall profitability.

Finding the ideal sample phrase in performance review examples is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Rather you must custom tailor remarks for each of you employee evaluations in specific situations.

Consequently, business managers are increasingly turning to performance review examples for inspiration. In the context of performance reviews, companies must tread quite lightly.

One wrong word and YOU are dead!

Dead in the water, that is. In addition to its obvious economic implications, most workers have significant emotional investments in their employment. Written criticism that is in artfully conveyed wreaks major disaster.

Contemporary workforce cultural diversity combined with an increasingly litigious society mandates professionalism and political correctness at all times. Moreover, bruising highly educated, well-compensated egos costs companies considerable sums to recruit and train replacements when resentful incumbents resign. So choose your annual evaluation phrases carefully.

In recognition of these realities, firms are seeking performance review examples as a source of guidance for conveying satisfaction and criticism in the most constructive, positive terms possible. Understanding what communication techniques and approaches are important and how you approach difficult subjects are key to improving relationships with your colleagues.

Any high-quality sample performance review includes standardized commentary designed to promote business objects in the most objective, positive light while simultaneously conveying substantive content gravity. Such remarks are reduced to a trio of categories within sample phrase in performance review templates:

Positive skills or talent manifested to the maximum

  • “Eagerly assumes responsibility”
  • “Highly adaptable”
  • “Excellent team player”
  • “Has great self-esteem (exudes confidence)”

Positive attributes with remaining untapped potential

  • “Exhibits vast potential”
  • “Displays high possibility for skills development”
  • “Very likely to assume future leadership role”
  • “Would make awesome worker in alternate department”

Employee performance aspects that need improvement

  • “Needs faster work pace”
  • “Requires additional training in [task]”
  • “Poor team player”
  • “Lackadaisical work attitude”
  • “Inconsistent work quality”
  • “Bad time manager”

Experts for neutrality and professionalism preview the specific verbiage used by reputable providers of sample phrase in performance review materials. You should remember that personalities have no place in the preparation of formal business documents that carry major personal and pecuniary import for all concerned parties.

Begin covering all your business bases today by investing in a comprehensive collection of premier performance review phrases.

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