Performance Evaluation Tips: Using Customized Forms to Increase Productivity

Customizing performance appraisals using sample phrases, templates and structures

by Rod Dunne on July 2, 2011

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A copy of a sample performance evaluation pops up almost immediately upon typing “performance evaluation examples” into a search engine box. However, a generic form causes questions when it comes time to evaluate performance.

You have to customize your annual evaluation comments & phrases to the context & staff specific. Employees need feedback on their performance and a periodic review of job skills and overall achievement gives them this information.

Business owners, managers, and stock holders receive information on how well their performance is going by looking at profit and loss sheets, customer reviews, and stockholder meetings. Many employees receive little or no performance feedback leaving them wondering about their status as members of the team due to inadequate performance appraisal methods.

Getting the most out of performance evaluation examples

Performance evaluation samples, when used as a starting point for developing a periodic review program, leads to employees who are more satisfied and productive in their work. When developing an employee review program the first stop for most companies should be their labor relations board.

Most states operate a labor relations website in conjunction with their Employment Security Offices. Performance evaluations examples found on these websites are compliant with local laws and understood by the state employees when it comes to issuing discipline to employees.

When a performance evaluation sample is not available from the state or local labor board then you, the business owner or manager, must develop them on their own. By all means use sample phrases within performance review documentation but personalize it for your own use.

Always make sure to customize your forms. Context matters!

Business form books and the Internet abound with forms for a multitude of businesses. Performance evaluation examples found in these resources are a great starting point when developing guidelines for judging job skills. By all means use sample performance review comments as a starting point to customize these for specific roles and departments.

Generic forms do not make employees feel like their job importance is paramount in the eyes of the management. The structure needs to focus on your goals (e.g. ways to improve sales performance, increase productivity, etc.).

Feeling as if a job is important to the company, regardless of what that job may be, increases the achievement level of the person doing that job. Discipline done right is on a form that reflects the company, its policies, and the jobs within the company instead of having generic language.

Performance evaluation examples taken from books, online sources, and the labor boards need modifications to fit your particular business. Companies, who are active in growing their employees, take job evaluations very seriously. Employees of companies that conduct periodic work skill reviews show higher productivity levels and are happier in their work.

Always personalize your evaluation review phrases to suit your industry, your staff and your environment.

This environment allows business growth at greater speed than the competing companies that fail to take these steps. Grow your business and grow your employees with this one simple step but make sure the step is personal to your company and your employees.

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