Effectively Running Voice of the Customer VOC Analysis

by Rod Dunne November 16, 2011 Marketing
Using form based surveys to understand customer needs & feedback

Rather than a disembodied voice reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz, the voice of the customer, or VOC, is a data gathering technique used in marketing and product design. The prime example you’ll have no doubt seen are customer satisfaction survey questions and polls… but this is just one example. The point of the VOC (more)

3 Key Models for Strategic Planning in Marketing, Workforce Capacity and Business

by Rod Dunne November 15, 2011 Biz Dev
Defining your business strategies

As a manager or an entrepreneur, it is essential that you figure out how to improve your organization’s performance in order to stay ahead of competition. These employee erformance improvement plans form part of your strategic planning models, which are key to sustaining your organization. Therefore, it is very crucial that you understand what strategic planning (more)

How to Patent an Idea or Product in 3 Key Stages

by Rod Dunne November 11, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Thumbnail image for How to Patent an Idea or Product in 3 Key Stages

For years, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, has been chiefly involved with intellectual property patent law and with granting patents to amateur and experienced inventors alike within the US. And if you’ve ever need to patent a concept, a new product design or idea then this is where you simply had (more)

Setting Goals, Scope and Reporting Expectations in Performance Improvement Plans

by Rod Dunne November 10, 2011 Creative
Thumbnail image for Setting Goals, Scope and Reporting Expectations in Performance Improvement Plans

If you are a supervisor within an employee performance management system, you understand the importance of performance improvement plans. A performance improvement plan is a formal agreement that is designed to facilitate discussion between a staff member and their supervisor or direct manager. If you have staff members who need to improve, then follow the (more)

Using the Business Model Canvas Template for Designing Startups

by Rod Dunne November 9, 2011 Biz Dev
The Business Model Canvas Template: A Key Tool for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur in search of the next groundbreaking business model? Then you’re not alone. Being able to simplify business process modeling is a key part of any entrepreneur’s skills. It also means being able to see where the weak points as well as opportunities exist. In this post I’ll show you how a (more)

Motivational Ideas for Employees That Boost Teamwork and Productivity

by Rod Dunne November 7, 2011 Human Side
Employee Motivation Ideas - Effective Workplace Techniques to Boost Teamwork and Productivity

High moral in your workplace is vital for everybody involved. This includes your customers, your managers, your employees, and the company itself. Any company can come up with as many sales gimmicks, new products and promotions as they like, but if they do not have any effective employee motivation ideas, all of the rest is (more)

Game Changing Quotes about Innovation in the Business World

by Rod Dunne November 4, 2011 Innovation
Game Changing Quotes on Innovation

Quotes on innovation can often inspire individuals in a special way. Quotes are easy to remember and have a powerful effect on one’s psyche. Following are some great quotes on various aspects of innovation, such as technology innovation, creativity and innovation management, software and more. Most are from famous inventors whose innovative spirits have changed (more)

Best New Business Ideas for 2012

by Rod Dunne November 2, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Best New Business Ideas for 2012

Economic news and worries about the future may turn people away from starting a new business. The truth is, there is always risk in starting a new company for all small scale industries and a recession does not provide an automatic reason you should stop working on your dream. In fact, Bill Gates started Microsoft (more)

What is the Definition of a Good Corporate Culture and Why Should it Matter?

by Rod Dunne November 1, 2011 Biz Dev
How can the people and culture of your firm make it a better place to work?

You’ll find many companies and organizations place a high premium on building and nurturing their corporate culture. Culture helps define your company and can be used by your employees and members to create a solid representation of the organization. Culture is so much more than just building your brand image – it is about achieving (more)

4 Simple Time Management Software Tools and Techniques Folk Overlook

by Rod Dunne October 31, 2011 Entrepreneurial
4 Simple Time Management Techniques & Tools That are so Easily Overlooked

Time management is a priceless skill that everyone needs in order to have a better quality work & social life. At work, one of the business improvement techniques most often used is time and motion analysis to establish where individuals and teams are losing out on their productivity. In order to be successful, you need (more)

What Does the Term Innovative Mean in the World of New Emerging Technologies?

by Rod Dunne October 28, 2011 Innovation
What Does the Term Innovative & Cutting Edge Mean in New Emerging Technologies?

You often find people misusing the word innovation when in fact they mean invention. Innovations are actually the commercialization of inventions, or the appliance of science as one manufacturer use the college. Here, I’ll show you how creativity and innovation management are completely dependent on cutting-edge/bleeding edge technologies as the lifeblood of tomorrow’s must-have products. (more)