6 Critical Practices for Successful Succession Planning

by Rod Dunne December 7, 2011 Human Side
6 Critical Practices for Successful Succession Planning

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – as the saying goes. In business, you need a risk management process which maps out your sucession planning strategy for replacing staff, CEO’s, outsource firms and even sometimes replacing yourself. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You’re in a job when the boss, work colleague or team (more)

Latest Trends in Offline and Online Market Research Surveys

by Rod Dunne December 5, 2011 Marketing
Online and off-line trends for modern market research

You should know by now that online market research is an integral part of any business organization that seeks commercial opportunities to grow its turnover. Hooking into the true voice of the customer to directly target their needs is crucial in increasingly competitive markets. In this post I’ll delve into what market research firms and surveys (more)

7 Innovative Ideas for Business: Rethinking Your Products, Promotions and Processes

by Rod Dunne December 2, 2011 Innovation
Seven innovative product, process and promotion ideas for contemporary businesses

When it comes to raising your game, innovative ideas for business can bring you profits from sources that you may have never considered. Innovative business ideas can come from both the strangest places and the oddest times or from the most mundane of activities. Developing 7 new innovative ideas is the goal of this text (more)

How to Write a Business Plan for Small Start Up Companies

by Rod Dunne November 30, 2011 Entrepreneurial
How you can go about writing a business plan for small firms and startup companies

Many people interested in starting a small business don’t know how to write a business plan, and may wonder why it is necessary. For one thing, the business plan will be part of the bank or financiers’ loan application package. In addition, the act of business plan writing guides the owner’s research to help determine (more)

Enlightening Insights on How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

by Rod Dunne November 28, 2011 Human Side
Excelling in how customer service perform through better acceptance and management of feedback

For many valid reasons, commercial operators of all sizes, types, and structures are becoming increasingly concerned about how to provide excellent customer service. Whether or not entrepreneurs and corporate executives realize or like to admit it, service is really all you have to offer so having excellent customer service skills is essential. A consistently high (more)

Improving Your Performance Appraisals with Well Planned 360 Degree Assessments

by Rod Dunne November 24, 2011 Human Side
Critical steps to do and pitfalls to avoid when doing appraisals

The use of 360 degree performance appraisal has become increasingly common among organizations in the last two decades. Appraisals have always been considered an essential tool for the effective evaluation and management of staff at all levels, as well as for improved achievement of organizational goals. However, the types of performance appraisal methods generally used (more)

Alert! Key Employee Engagement Survey Questions You Must Ask Your Staff

by Rod Dunne November 23, 2011 Human Side
Critical Employee Survey Questions You Should be Asking Your Staff

Your employees have a voice. Generally, staff members work very closely with clients as they are the front lines of your operation. If you do not hear what your employees have to say, production and customer satisfaction levels can suffer. Employee engagement surveys are designed to engage your employees and give them the voice they (more)

Guide to Naming Your Business Based around Creative Website Domains

by Rod Dunne November 22, 2011 Biz Dev
Using imaginative website domain names to name your business

If you are in the process of opening a business you need to sit down and decide what you plan on naming it. You will need to tap into your creative side to choose a name or moniker that is catchy, relates to your industry, and is not already taken. The best company names will (more)

How to Market a New Product in a Fail-Safe and Innovative Way

by Rod Dunne November 21, 2011 Marketing
Marketing new products in innovative ways that may reduce risk

When you are trying to figure out how to market a new product launch, do not assume that your business will be able to generate profits from a sale overnight or right away. The correct process to follow, which I’ll show you here, does not take a great deal of effort in regards to understanding (more)

Understanding the Basics of Managing HR Departments Strategically

by Rod Dunne November 18, 2011 Human Side
Thumbnail image for Understanding the Basics of Managing HR Departments Strategically

All of the employees in your organization have their own individual goals and skills. A human resources manager should help employees express their goals with specificity so they can become a valuable asset to the organization in a department that interests them the most. Human resource management has changed drastically over the years and is (more)

The Complete Leadership Style Inventory – 6 of the Best to Model Yourself On

by Rod Dunne November 17, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Thumbnail image for The Complete Leadership Style Inventory – 6 of the Best to Model Yourself On

In order to be effective and successful in your leadership role, you need to map out the demands of your position, as well as the leadership requirements that come with it. As such, you can use my leadership style inventory to identify your appropriate appropriate leadership  skills list to suit your business and match your (more)