How Web Based Customer Service Apps are Transforming IT Help Desks

Using web based applications to power customer support and services

by Rod Dunne on December 14, 2011

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It should be apparent to you that just about everybody loves to see superior support for information technology issue whenever a software tool or service goes down. Modern online customer service software lies behind each of your support requests and provides companies with the edge to exceed what the competition is offering consumers.

Key to this is how IT help desk software can provide information on multiple products with minimal company resources. It also becomes a key operational capability for any firm trying to understand how to provide excellent customer service 24/7.

Companies do not need a great deal of computing power when they utilize the off-site Cloud computing options widely available these days to enhance their service and provide high levels of customer support.

So what’s in it for you? What can the software do for your business?

In nearly every company, they accept the need for some form of customer service software or system to help track, monitor and audit the range of requests coming in (whether through phone-based IT help desk software or online live chat software utilities). And the makers of CRM software for small businesses are making the products more more intelligent every single day.

Information technology applications increase their sophistication daily but often leave customers with operational questions that companies need to address as part of basic customer service. Online help desk software provides the level of service your company needs to address client concerns, but it actually helps turn questions into sales by monitoring inquiries and analyzing information to provide sales leads for your workforce.

Questions can frequently lead to customer upgrades, and your support staff can up-sell clients who access support without being perceived as manipulative. In effect, you’re capturing the actual voice of the customer. When every effort is made to address and solve customer problems, the clients are impressed and more likely to consider throwing additional business your way, if the client perceives the upgrades will provide them with a competitive edge.

Customer service software provides options for sales, service, support and fulfillment functions in real time with live chat software or by compiling sales leads lists for email campaigns and other marketing efforts. Your sales staff can access customers from mobile devices so they can reach them very quickly to provide answers to their questions and expedite service, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Three Ways Online Help Desk Software Has Transformed Services

Help desk support software has transformed the way companies do business by integrating company support with client accessibility options. There are dozens of ways these software applications have enhanced business, but three of the most significant benefits are as follows:

1. The rise of smart phones

The iPhone by Apple, as well as other smart phones, has revolutionized mobile access for clients and the introduction of convenient apps for online functions have required a commensurate advance in support from information technology providers. The iPhone in particular has transformed the technological landscape and employees now demand support for mobile devices from service providers, employers, and online sales venues.

2. Personalizing the support experience: Storing your customers data

Customers have grown weary of automated phone support that fails to provide enhanced service. Callers frequently need to provide their information multiple times and wait while their call is transferred before locating the right service representative. Just about any positive customer service quotes you read always point to the support representatives ability to establish rapport – personalizing the experience is just one way of building such a rapport.

Often this is an outsourced position, and the agent speaks in an accent that customers are unable to understand. Customer support software retains the information clients provide and follows up with email if the connection is lost, providing the requested information. Live chat with knowledgeable personnel can solve many problems efficiently.

3. Improving the number of self-service channels available to customers

Online customer service software provides help for client 24/7 by providing articles and frequently asked question sections that can answer many common questions. In-depth information can even address obscure concerns.

Customer questions present sales opportunities for companies to sell upgrades or cross-sell, making these services self-sustaining. Customers can access a knowledge base anytime and find articles, news and alerts that answer many questions or educate them about new technology and services.

Good support systems also form the backbone of your customer retention strategies. After all, clients are more likely to come back and purchase again, being more loyal to your brand, if they experience a wealth of information at their fingertips right from the early stages of using your products.

It’s a buyers market: So many tools to choose from!

There is a tremendous variety of service desk software to provide the best solution for specific industries and company needs., Symantec Altiris, TechRepublic, NetSuite, Zendesk, and many other brands provide customized solutions for companies’ help desk support needs.

Zendesk reported 300 percent growth in 2010, tripling its customer base. Fast-growing companies and well-established concerns have acknowledged the need for help desk solutions to support increasingly sophisticated consumer access by instituting comprehensive help desk support solutions. Some of these top companies include Groupon, Zappos Insights, Adobe, Sony Music, and OpenTable.

So Why Did IT Help Desk Software Move So Rapidly into Becoming Web Based Systems?

Putting it simply, customer dissatisfaction with phone support and demands for immediate answers to their questions have driven the growth of software designed to address these problems.

The speed of new technology to market demands appropriate responses for sophisticated support options to back up these new services. Companies that respond expeditiously to these challenges reap extraordinary benefits in customer loyalty and enhanced lead generation.

The Dark Side: The Pitfalls of Online Customer Service Software

Software reading this post it be right to think that there is a strong upside to using any form of IT help desk software and live chat tools. There are however a few disadvantages to online customer service software.

  1. The first problem is the expense. Integrating a comprehensive help desk system into routine operations can be expensive and take time.
  2. Personnel must be trained to exploit the benefits of the service.
  3. Some customers are wary of technology and may prefer to deal with live people.

Fortunately, there are service options to solve many of these problems. Low-cost help desk solutions can be tailored to provide only those features a company needs. There are many providers and prices to suit most corporate budgets and help desk support will save companies money over time. Support service can make talking with a live person a quick, easy option for clients.

Software solutions exist for any business contingency so you just need to establish what your needs are and source suitable customer support software that matches up your needs as your company grows over the coming years.

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