Innovative Business Concepts and Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

The lightbulb moment when business ideas and foster innovation, develop new product lines and open new streams of profit

by Rod Dunne on July 15, 2011

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Your new innovative business ideas may be just the thing for which everyone is looking and may take off with success you could have never imagined. You will never know if your innovation strategy will succeed unless you try out your home business ideas to see whether they will really work. There are so many possible new marketing concepts that you can surely find one that will suit your talents and availability.

The most innovative concepts usually spring from your personal experiences. If you love food you might come up with a number of possibilities.

An accomplished baker might form a personal chef service that caters not only to individuals but also restaurants that desire fresh baked goods or desserts that are made on premises. This is the crossroad where innovation and entrepreneurship cross paths – mixing new ideas into tired business models.

Or you could start a cookbook and accessory store where people could try out recipes before they commit to buying expensive cookbooks or kitchen equipment. Just be careful not to get stuck on business name ideas before you have the core benefits or selling point for your business established.

By the way, you should try to formulate these ideas using a simplified business proposal templates to identify opportunities, competition, risks, potential, etc. At some stage this document will prove useful when  you find yourself looking for funding.

Simple new business ideas

Successful plans can come from many areas. First you identify novel ideas and then you work out how strategy and innovation can be combined into successful products. Some interesting concepts that have been tried by others include the following:

  • Open a used bookstore or textbook company. Books have become extremely expensive, so there is money to be made from second hand sales. Comic book collections and other hobbies could be included, or started as independent businesses.
  • Your love of chocolate could lead to an unusual chocolate store. Special chocolates, t-shirts and bumper stickers, or chocolate sculpture could be offered. Many innovative ideas for business products start out as family recipes are unique/bespoke items only you and your family know about.
  • A personalized book club that selects books packages that fit a particular profile would be a great personal gift and just might take off.
  • An erotic bakery could design naughty cakes and pastries for consenting adults pleasure.
  • A car detailing business might be an excellent moneymaker for you on a full or part-time basis. Your obsessive attention to detail might make this the perfect niche for you.
  • Open a gaming gift shop. You could sell modern board games and computer games as well, and stock classic chess and checker sets for high-end aficionados.
  • Open a candy store. Your love of candy and children could make this a perfect opportunity for you.
  • How about a store that designs custom yoga, exercise, or diet programs? Could be a hit. Some of the most innovative business ideas of the 80s related to health and well-being.

By expressing your creativity and employing your strengths, you can put your innovative business ideas to the test. Entrepreneurship has long been an American tradition and your creative brainchild might lead to a successful career. Your enthusiasm, inspiration and spirit can make all the difference. is an invaluable resource for anyone thinking of starting up a business. With details of further ideas, plans and different advice regarding finance, technologies, etc.

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