3 Sure Fire Ways of Improving Sales Performance

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by Rod Dunne on June 28, 2011

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The main goals for all business owners is to sustain growth, make productivity improvement gains, increase market share, and increase net revenue.

While there are several ways to improve sales performance, not all of this is possible without increasing overall sales ratios.

More often than not, businesses focus on product expansion without focusing on improving sales performance. If you are running an effective marketing campaign and your sales are not as high as they should be, consider the tips below and improve sales performance for increased profits.

Communicating sales goals throughout all departments

Your sales department should not be the only department that understands the sales goals of the organization. The first step on how to improve sales involves explaining and documenting sales goals to all departments. If you are not sure if your objectives are clear, ask team members in customer service.

If no one has a correct answer, it is time to have a departmental meeting to ensure customer service representatives, managers, and sales reps all have a good understanding. This should be a formal and key monitoring element of your sales process steps.

Training all sales staff with the same competencies

Sales associates need to understand the key elements to getting the sale. While some individuals are born with the sales gene, making sure that sales competencies are universal throughout the sales department is essential to improve sales performance. Sales performance improvement starts with training.

Sit down with your top sales clerks and see what makes them successful. When you identify successful processes you can train all team members to follow some example performance evaluation phrases & goals to improve sales performance as a whole and not just individually.

Set Up an Attractive Sales Incentive Program

In the world of sales, money talks. If you do not have a sales incentive program in place it is time to implement one. Not only will you reduce employee turnaround, you will increase your profits and give your staff a reason to want to sell.

When you start to offer incentives be sure to communicate the terms and the conditions of the program thoroughly. When sales associates see there is money to be made, they will actively stand by their company.

If you do not learn how to improve sales performance, you will not expand your business. Increased product sales do not always mean attracting new customers. Use customer contacts and inquiries as an opportunity to up sell. When managers, executives, customer service reps, and sales associates are on the same page, your business will benefit.

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