Building Your Brand With Guerilla Marketing Approaches and Ideas

Guerrilla marketing concepts, ideas and approaches for out doing your competition

by Rod Dunne on June 20, 2011

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The very best guerilla marketing ideas are accessible, memorable, easy to execute, and low in cost. Putting together a campaign that will grow your brand and increase revenue is easy by implementing a few common sense guidelines that are useful whether for a digital online marketing strategy or traditional approaches. By following these few, but very important tips, your guerilla marketing tactics will have a greater impact.

Know Your Customer

Every successful marketing campaign begins with this step. Understanding who the intended customer or client is and how your product or service solves their one big question is crucial. This even informs the types of business name ideas you should be coming up with.

In this phase of developing guerilla marketing ideas you must ask several very critical questions:

  1. What is bothering my prospect the most now and how will my product/service help?
  2. Who or what are they angry about and how does my service relieve that anger?
  3. What is their greatest inner desire?
  4. How do they make their decisions?
  5. Is there a similar product in the market and how is it being marketed?

Knowing the answer to these questions will allow you focus your guerilla marketing ideas like a laser beam. With this approach, marketing pieces will be put in the hands of the people most likely to buy something NOW! It will also put the business name in a top-of-mind state for the prospect – a key factor in all of the best guerilla strategies.

You often see this approach when applying marketing ideas when selling real estate in off-line versus online modes. For example, realtors use these techniques in the marketing brochures and information they provide about high-value homes.

Likewise, targeted information regarding apartments for urbain business types are more likely to target online marketing approaches.

Ask For The Sale Every Time

Developing guerilla marketing strategies should be based on this concept. Never, ever put out a message to your prospective customers without giving them a great reason to respond/react immediately. The better your offer is, the better the response. Its for this reason that advertising has been called a “salesperson in print.”

Any advertising that does not ask for a response is not selling but just visiting. Visiting will not put money in the cash drawer. Every guerilla strategy asks for the sale. Use retail business intelligence software, data mining and historical point-of-sale analysis to better understand what approaches/outlets/media sell best.

Any guerrilla techniques that can be cheaply and rapidly done are often considered when charitable organizations are concerned. The use of these diverse marketing concepts is fundamental to the low cost business model.

Guerilla Marketing Ideas Are Not Shy

When the guerilla marketer develops an ad, they mean it. The idea will step into the room like a SWAT team blowing open a door. It will command attention.

Words on a page, an elevator speech or a sandwich board must have the strongest sales copy and be presented in the strongest manner available. This way the business gets noticed and the tactic is more effective.

The ONLY Thing That Matters Is The Results

If money does not start to flow immediately then it is time to change the marketing. Guerilla marketing is all about getting cash flow now and at the lowest possible investment of cash and time. The most successful campaigns may actually feel wrong.

They may go against every conventional marketing advice you have ever gotten. But if the cash register starts ringing, then you have hit a home run.

Guerilla marketing is all about promising only what you can deliver and then giving the customer more than what you promised. These guerilla marketing tips will help any business drive more sales. When planning a guerilla campaign take the time to consider these few guerilla marketing ideas and watch the business explode.

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