Running Successful Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Running Satisfaction Surveys to Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity Levels

by Rod Dunne on January 15, 2012

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Using employee satisfaction surveys can be very beneficial to both your employees and employers. Your employees have the opportunity to evaluate what they do and do not like regarding various aspects of the workplace while employers get insight into how their employees feel and can work toward improving workplace productivity.

However, when conducting employee satisfaction surveys, it is important that you are prepared in a way that will give the most accurate and useful answers possible. This also plays a key part in the best practices for succession planning on key roles/staff in the company (i.e. surveys indicate where potential staff losses could occur).

Fortunately, there is employee survey software available to help you construct employee satisfaction survey questions that will get you viable results.

Use the Right Employee Survey Software to Collate Your Data

One of the first places you can go to find a good employee satisfaction survey is from web survey software. There are many online sources that provide web based survey software to help you measure your employee’s satisfaction with the workplace.

However, it is important to find employee survey software that is compatible not only for your specific field but also for your kind of workplace. Fortunately, many of these online sources will allow you to customize your survey so that you get the kind of employee satisfaction survey results that are most useful to your organization.

If you have no experience to help survey employee satisfaction, you should try to find a site that will offer you consultation on choosing the best software that will give you the kind of information you need.

Discuss & Plan the Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions You Wish to Ask

It is very important that you do careful planning before you conduct any employee satisfaction surveys. At the very least, you want to ensure that the employee engagement survey questions are not provocative or result in flaring up tempers.

  • You not only need to know the right questions to ask but also know what you really want to find out.
  • You may need to know generic information such as how employers are getting along, but there may also be questions specific to certain duties or make sure each employee within each department gets survey questions relevant to his or her experience.
  • Also, you will need to plan so that each employee can only access the survey for his or her specific experience.

You want a survey that will keep questions and answers confidential so that employees are more likely to answer their surveys honestly and accurately. The same approach is used when building off-line and online market research surveys to identify key questions and reduce redundancy.

Do a Trial Run to Validate the Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

You should also try to find a survey that will allow you to test your questions before you distribute the survey to your employees. This will help you ferret out any problematic questions that will make your survey less reliable.

This method is often used with customer satisfaction survey questions where you release the questionnaire to a small subset of candidates to begin with. The idea is that you’re given a second chance to beta test the survey itself.

For instance, you should look for questions that are confusing or do not provide adequate choices for employees to give the most accurate and honest answers possible. You will also be able to fix any glitches that occur in the system to make sure the survey process goes smoothly.

You want to look for questions that will leave employees unable to continue the process if they do not have an answer for specific questions as well as other potential technical problems that can come with online surveys.

There are many ways employee satisfaction surveys can be useful to both employees and employers. Both parties can determine the best ways increase productivity by identifying what does and does not work in the organization. Employers can become much more effective leaders and show their employees that they care about their well-being. However, it is very important that these surveys are not only conducted accurately but also constructed so that they give you the results that will help you implement the necessary improvements you need for your specific organization.

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