Motivational Ideas for Employees That Boost Teamwork and Productivity

Employee Motivation Ideas - Effective Workplace Techniques to Boost Teamwork and Productivity

by Rod Dunne on November 7, 2011

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High moral in your workplace is vital for everybody involved. This includes your customers, your managers, your employees, and the company itself. Any company can come up with as many sales gimmicks, new products and promotions as they like, but if they do not have any effective employee motivation ideas, all of the rest is going to fall flat.

This is because the employees are like the motor oil in an engine. Even if you own a Ferrari, it is not going to last for long if you do not do regular oil checks.

If you do not take the time to perform an employee motivation survey once in a while as part of a well-defined well-defined performance management system, your company is going to experience some major problems, which will start inside the workplace and work their way out.

It is vital to remember that more than an expensive slogan or logo, the employees are the true face of your company. If a customer has a bad experience, or an excellent experience with your company, the odds are that the experience was due to some sort of interaction with one of your employees. If you regularly take part in some sort of motivational training, the chances are that all of your customers’ interactions with your employees are going to be uplifting.

How To Motivate Employees

Although professionals can give you a lot of ideas you never would have thought of yourself, the quickest lesson on how to motivate employees is the easiest. Catch them in the act of doing something right, and compliment them! Of all the employee motivation ideas in the world, none work better than this.

If you want to double the effect, wait until there are people around, and then take that time to compliment the employee on a job well done. An employee is always going to work harder to live up to that compliment, and that will often rub off on the other employees, as well.

You should provide open-ended employee engagement survey questions in any internal research you do. This offers your staff the opportunity to define what will actually motivate them. These employee comments need to be reviewed and prioritized based on what ideas may actually have legs (i.e. could truly work).

Larger companies may find it difficult to identify when individuals are performing well in the workplace. Quite often you will require some form of corporate performance management software to track individual progress. This may be connected with various data/knowledge management systems for tracking sales, bug fixes, customer issue resolutions, etc. which your employee was responsible for achieving.

Your managers and supervisors should still maintain a human element to tracking your employee performance as other capabilities such as mentoring, contribution to teamwork, etc. cannot easily be measured in such software.

What is Motivation?

You can look up the proper definition in a dictionary, but the only thing you need to know about the word is that it must come from within. Too many times, managers think that motivation comes from a stern tongue lashing that they give their employees. This kind of motivation lasts for only a little while, and after that, the resentment it causes begins to have a reverse effect.

If you really want to know what is motivation, it is that seed of positivity that you took the time to plant in one of your employees. That seed will continue to grow after awhile, even without any supervision around, and that is the best measure of a well-run company; how employees perform when they are not being supervised.

You’ll find that many famous motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins focus on this sense of positivity and the needs to set individuals clearly defined future goals which they can work upon. Your employees are more motivated when they can see that there is a clear plan ahead with the work they need to do.

Employee Motivation Ideas - Using Effective Workplace Techniques to Boost Teamwork and Productivity

Motivation in the Workplace

Take a moment to give an employee motivation survey to your employees. They do not have to know it is about motivation, just ask them to write down some of the things they like and do not like about their work environment.

You can surmise from their answers just what kind of workplace experience you are giving your employees. You may get a sense that you or your staff could do with some motivational training, for without motivation in the workplace, there can be no motivation within the shareholders.

Motivational Gifts for Employees

Gifts and bonuses for a job well done can go a long way toward boosting the moral in a workplace. However, it is important to remember that no amount of money can take the place of a pat on the back when it comes to great motivational gifts for employees.

Also, in team environments you should provide gifts to a team as a whole instead of picking out individuals. This can actually increase team bonding and reduce the chances of someone being isolated or singled out as a result of some sterling work they did.

Motivational Coaching

Some companies find that hiring a coach to help keep the employees motivated and happy is a cost-effective method to having a productive workplace. However, oftentimes the best motivational coaching comes from hands-on management to employee relationships.

If you do resort to coaching then make sure managers are involved with the training in order to ensure you have the right supervisors getting insights into how their behaviors affect the teams productivity and motivation levels.

Other great employee motivation ideas come in the form of taking the employees out to lunch, where they often tend to form bonds that carry over into the workplace. Meetings are an excellent tool, but only if the solutions that are discussed and decided upon in the meetings, are put into practice afterward by the management. If employees see that all of their time and ideas from meetings have been wasted, it will have an adverse effect on their performance, as well as the fact that the next meeting will not be as productive, because the employees will see it as a waste of time.

Remember, you can have the best car in the world, but if you do not keep servicing the engine, the car is going to let you down, and the fault will be yours, not that of the car. If you want to keep your shareholders motivated, you must keep your employees motivated first.

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