Customer Service Quotations to Help Motivate and Lighten the Mood

Understand how to think like a customer through the often comical and informative quotes they make

by Rod Dunne on September 26, 2011

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When you are a customer service representative you deal directly with the customer and you are often classified as the front line of your call center office or retail establishment. Individuals who work in customer service must be professional polite and patient.

While there are always customers who are pleasant to deal with there will be times when you cross paths with someone who has had a bad day. The customer service & support skills you need include a positive attitude, tactful use of language and the patience of a saint.

The key to being customer service oriented is understanding that the customer is not upset with you.

If you learn how to take comments with a grain of salt and how to keep a smile on your face through an upsetting exchange of words you have the inherent ability to deal with the public. If you have worked directly with the public you can relate to funny and serious quotes on customer service.

The following customer service quotes reflect the good, the bad and the ugly and truly reflect what it is like to be a customer service professional. The skills needed in customer service focus on staying motivated and being able to see the lighter sides of each situation.

Customer Service Quotes to Keep You Motivated

There will be days where you simply do not feel like dealing with someone who wants to take their frustrations out on you. That is the nature of the beast when you are paid to resolve customer issues and keep them happy. Motivational quotes inspire you to go the extra mile.

One motivational customer service quote that stands out is “In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want”. This quote by Alice MacDougall reminds people what they are working for. Just think about it – if you get great customer service yourself in a shop then you’re more inclined to (a) buy more (b) recommend the shop to others and (c) make repeat purchases!

Learn from your customers feedback and quotations - This informs the service they wish to experience

Find Humor in the Situation

When you work in customer service you have probably heard the saying “the customer is always right”. While everyone knows this saying is not completely true upset customers will almost always remind you that they are the customer and they are right. Understandably no matter how wrong they may be you cannot tell the customer that.

You have to find humor in the situation without allowing the customer see you get unglued. Great customer service quotes will take you away from the situation. One of the best quotes to put a smile on your face is

  • Rule 1: The customer is always right.
  • Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, re-read Rule 1.
    Stew Leonard could not have said it better!

Many People Can Relate to Funny Customer Service Quotes

Anyone who has ever called a company to ask a question or inquire about a product is likely to hear something that seems odd or humorous at some point. Calling IT departments especially can elicit humorous responses.

The Technically Inept..

An example of a humorous statement in dealing with an electronics department store involves a customer asking for a USB port so a friend can download pictures. The store service person asks the customer if he means he needs a flash drive. The customer responds by stating he was an idiot and the staff will probably get a good laugh from him the rest of the day.

The Job-Speak that Goes Over Peoples Heads..

Another humorous conversation between a box office agent and a customer begins with the customer asking the agent when the “will call” will take place. The agent explains that nobody needs to call. It means the tickets will be available at the box office for the customer to pick up. The customer then comments that the box office should just say that in plain English.

The Flustered Customer..

Customer service quotes and sayings sometimes originate from customers who are confused. An agent answers a call from a person in a foreign country whose car has broken down. When asked how many children are in the car the woman explains she has four between the ages of four and twelve and one older than 12. She states she has four children total. The agent questions the woman and asks if she has five instead of four. The woman insists she has four children then asks her husband who is also in the car. She apologizes to the agent and admits she has five children.

Everyone needs motivation or inspiration from time to time… especially when dealing with the public. Every business is different so try to welcome the positive and negative quotes you & your colleagues get to hear. Use these as tips on improving your customer service skills necessary to inspire or raise spirits when the work is becoming a slog.

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