The Importance of Customer Driven Marketing Strategies

Customer Driven Marketing Strategy

by Rod Dunne on June 16, 2011

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A customer driven marketing strategy is one of the main types of global marketing strategies employed by many corporations today. The right kind of marketing strategies can make or break an enterprise.

However, not all marketing and customer retention strategies will suit all kinds of business.

There are strategies that work best with certain kinds of business enterprise. When it comes to service and products, customer driven marketing strategies often prove the most effective.

In the past, most corporations relied on the mass-market approach, where they created a defined marketing strategy template and tried to attract as wide a customer base they can using the template. The customer driven approach, on the other hand, works by identifying a target market first, and creating a marketing strategy geared towards attracting this particular segment of the population.

Think about it – most restaurant marketing strategies focus in on what customers most wish to consume in order to become successful, and popular, and this tenet applies to all business.

This is an effective marketing strategy for companies without resources that can compete with larger corporations. Instead of dipping its hands on a larger niche in the market, the company focuses on a specific segment of a buying population and establishes a loyal following within that population which proves more stable in the long run.

Important Elements of a Customer Driven Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy geared towards customer goes through the process of market segmentation, where the market is divided through various variables such as geography, demography and behavioral segments. An effective marketing campaign does not rely on one strict standard of segmentation, but rather relies on the right mix of demography and geography.

Consumer research plays a vital role in this area. It helps focus you on the market segmentation strategy and analysis you need to pinpoint key customers/consumers. For example, any marketing campaign must be specific enough to appeal to a certain demographic living in a geographic area.

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction and Employee Training

This type of market strategy is often broken down into several aspects. Large companies that have successfully applied customer driven marketing often focus on three areas: customer satisfaction, employee experience, and systemic factors that contribute to maintaining a condition that promotes customer and employee satisfaction.

It is a no-brainer that customers need to be satisfied, and that they should feel that their needs are met by the product, which can only be done with the use of a persuasive marketing strategy. My article on the 5 crucial tips of customer service skills goes into more detail of the key areas you need to focus on.

However, large companies also recognize the employee experience in this kind of marketing strategy, since it is the employees that deliver either the service or the marketing itself. Training is the most important aspect when it comes to employee support. Employees often want to give the best service, but this is not possible when the right training has not been provided.

A customer driven marketing strategy is by far one of the best strategies any business can employ in today’s emerging business environment. More and more companies are recognizing that customers drive business and markets, so the best strategy would be to cater to customers’ needs and wants, instead of bombarding people with useless products and services.

Your business development strategy requires a marketing campaign tailor-made to fit a selected niche in the market, which not only costs less, it is also focused to attract only the kind of market that really needs a particular product or service.

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