Massive Growth Through Creative Thinking and Innovation Management

That lightbulb moment when creative ideas are managed in an innovative way with commercially viable products

by Rod Dunne on September 14, 2011

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Creativity and innovation management may not be the first thing you think of when you consider the success of your organization but these days innovation and creativity are a key component to any endeavor.

Your organization’s success can hinge upon the diffusion of innovation when you are seeking to place a new product on the market. Your strategy and innovation decisions need to be based in future objectives which ultimately filter down to being tasks/goals for each employee!

So it is important that you have a viable innovation management plan as you are researching and developing your product and even as you are marketing it.

Starting Point: ID the Right People

The first place to start with innovation and creativity is to identify the creative people in your company. These will be the minds that will provide both the input and output of the innovative materials that will help you create innovative products. In particular, the kinds of products that will stand out on the market and have the kind of diffusion of innovation to give you successful returns on your investment.

Or to put it simply, creative people will keep the innovative ideas flowing through your organization.

Harvest, Store and Index Internal & External Ideas

As you develop your creativity and innovation management style you will need to make sure it collects all external innovations as well as the internal innovations based on the customers’ needs for new products and services. The creative forces in your organization should be able to provide initiative innovation and solve problems.

Your software & knowledge management systems/databases will be crucial to administering your concepts and ideas. Innovation and entrepreneurship depend on technology for collating and organizing your teams thoughts, making them index-able and searchable.

The initiators will try to anticipate potential problems with products while problem solvers will try to discover ways to handle these potential problems possibly before they can even occur.

Stand Out From The Herd – Yup, Find Your Own Niche to Market

You will also need to distinguish between your initiators. Some initiators will be better at asking the why questions when they need to analyze products and services. Other initiators will work at answering the how questions to understand why things work and how they can be made to work even better.

Knowing your people’s creative strengths will help you as you attempt to development a management plan. This plan helps your company develop the products to which people will respond.

In other words you need to understand risk management for developing your products and services as well as for the methods of distributing these products and services in such a way that will make customers respond positively.

Having a solid plan is especially important for new products and services because they can be difficult to sell to a public that already has its expectations. I’ve found (in my years as a Project Manager) few companies really go the full hog when producing such solid project/business plans. With a good management plan you can minimize the risk and create something that will elicit a good response.

All those ideas you have like light bulbs going on the cartoon need to be managed creatively

The Crucial Advantage of Creativity in Business

There seems to be two ways of looking at business and both seem to be at odds with one another. One is that business is all about being safe and staid while the other is that business should be fun and wholly creative.

You’ll find the truth probably lies somewhere in between these two extremes. The truth is that creativity in business should be actively embraced.

It is creativity in business that will set your going concern apart from your competition. Further it is that sense of fun and joy that will keep the business operators coming back every day with a sense of purpose (as well as retain staff). To that end one must consider what is creativity? The answers will be varied but will share common ideas.

Just What is Creativity Anyhow?

When asking what is creativity one will get many different answers. But it can boil down to the process of setting oneself and one’s business apart from others like it.

Whether it is in bold campaign ads or new approaches to old ideas or in creating an entirely new field or niche creativity is what will lead to the desired concepts.

As you’ll have no doubt heard before if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. Whether or not this is actually true is up for question but all trends will point to the fact that creativity and innovation are vital components of any type of success. Success comes to those who dare to be different and who dare to do something about it.

REMEMBER: Creativity and innovation are the fuel that will fire the dream of business success. They are the engines of action and of the ability to withstand the pains of growing a concern. Business building is very hard work but with a positive approach the tasks can become joyful.

The fun will relate to quality time spent in growth production which will lead to greater and greater success. Dare to dream and then dare to do; and watch how successful businesses always reward creativity.

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