Top 5 Creative Marketing and Promotion Ideas for Small Business

Using more creatively thought-out marketing ideas to stand out from the crowd

by Rod Dunne on October 21, 2011

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Marketing in this day and age is an evolving art and science. With changes in technology and consumer demands your small business has to adapt quickly and use innovative approaches aimed at targeting the right market and creating interest.

If your business wishes to play up it’s strengths then it needs to look beyond the usual, incorporate social media marketing services (see point 4) and consider creative business ideas to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.

Here are 5 creative marketing ideas that will drum up consumer interest, brand awareness and drive better sales. Pick and choose that suit the nature of your business:

1: Stand out with creative graphic design

The right graphic design is so much more than just the right font image style or color. Carefully chosen graphic design creates an image of your business that doubles as its identity, making it easy to recognize and remember.

This is the same strategy that has been used successfully by many of the world’s biggest companies. If it is planned and executed well by your team graphic design can create a visual representation of the business that will make it easier to promote and identify.

SMEs can also benefit from this. Your Internet marketing campaigns should be focusing on creative & top-quality graphic design no matter what size ad you are producing.

2: Use paid search services

If you are one of millions of businesses with an online presence one of the best creative small business ideas you can use is a paid search service. The most popular so far is Google AdWords a service that allows small companies to sponsor a search result.

This is a paid service where you bid for keyword advertising but is affordable enough to make it a very cost-efficient solution for small businesses on a budget.

3: Try out unusual and creative promotional ideas

You’re probably aware that to be creative small business owners have to think outside the box – but just how much?Doctor Dave Computer Repair did just that to get people to notice their company. As a way to advertise themselves without having to resort to the usual flyer-and-leaflet distribution the Lawrence Texas business had their company name and contact information printed on stickers and placed on popular magazines where they were clearly visible. The magazines were then distributed for free to other businesses in the area where the clever ads had better exposure to possible clients.

As demonstrated by Doctor Dave, traditional or viral web-based marketing ideas do not need to be complicated or expensive. The key is to look for opportunities and explore possibilities in the simplest forms and use them to establish a stronger presence.

Be brave that the marketing ideas you choose and make them fresh, creative and exciting

4: Leverage social media

Social media is not just about individuals getting in touch with other individuals anymore. You’ll find that groups, associations and organizations have leveraged their presence online to promote themselves create buzz communicate with their target market and build interest in their products and services.

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are just the start. Your firm has to be using these applications continuously, and provide valuable content to bring in customer interest.

5: Hire a creative marketing agency

Small businesses may not always have sufficient manpower and resources to manage the different aspects of marketing and promotions. This is where marketing consulting services can provide invaluable insights, training & assistance.

Hiring an experienced marketing agency will allow your company to focus on more important tasks and avoid over-reaching its capability when working on multiple projects. For companies with very little experience in digital and online environments getting help from agencies can be invaluable particularly when choosing which strategies to use. Many agencies may even provide technical support when necessary.

A professional agency can help plan design and implement marketing strategies and techniques that are specific to the needs and requirements of your business. For small companies that are still trying to establish their online identities, getting support and assistance from people who have a better understanding about your industry can have a huge impact on the success of your marketing campaign.

To sum up: Its never going to be easy to short list just 5 ideas. If you’re like me then you’ll find yourself using techniques repeatedly that succeed for you and the line of work you’re in. The key is trial & error – testing out new techniques on a reduced budget and assessing each techniques value to your products/services and industry.

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