Supercharging Your Comments on Performance Review Appraisals

All employees should use performance reviews for appraising what's beneficial comments can highlight their skills

by Rod Dunne on July 31, 2011

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Your company no doubt uses some form of performance review comments to either encourage their employees or to correct something that employees are doing that should be altered as part of your in-house change management process. There are few things as important to both your employees and management as the comments on performance review appraisals.

Your staff performance appraisal comments provide specific feedback that really lets the employee know where he or she stands in the eyes of the so-called higher-ups at their company.

Many companies provide their comments on performance review appraisals during an annual performance review which should also allow time for performance review questions from both management and employee.

The benefits of having time for performance review questions and answers

These questions can be just as important as the comments themselves because they can be used to further clarify certain confusing issues for your employee – a key part of what should be common workplace communication skills. They also offer you an opportunity to further familiarize themselves with the particular employee’s goals, troubles, and concerns.

Sometimes the comments on performance review reveal employee incompetence or laziness. Without these reviews, it would be very difficult for you to realize that oftentimes there are employees who literally have next to no idea what they are doing every morning when they drag themselves into the office.

These reviews can provide management with opportunities to micromanage, retrain or replace lazy and useless workers with hardworking and deserving employees. You do this to help improve the company’s overall efficiency and workplace morale. Suggest your own comments for a performance evaluation which highlight problem areas and encourage better productivity in your staff.

Morale at workplaces can be negatively affected by particularly lazy or incompetent employees who do not fit in well with the rest of the staff. This is another reason to allow and even encourage employee comments on performance review.

Check comments on some performance reviews for signs of office politics

Your employees’ own comments often offer yet another revealing look into workplace politics that would not be afforded to you otherwise. There are certain relationships and arguments that would go unnoticed by management in general if not mentioned in employee performance reviews.

An employee comments on performance review appraisals also allows your team to openly criticize and critique the style and performance of their managers or supervisors (i.e. this means You!). This is an immeasurably important aspect of a fully functioning and efficient workplace.

If you are doing something or saying something that is disturbing or distracting the employees who work under you, then that could ultimately unravel in ways that would do great harm to any company.

The conclusion is: Your employee performance reviews can be the saving grace for any company in turmoil. If there are significant problems in the workplace then the appropriate round of employee performance reviews can root out the problems and help save the company.

When your firm is running smoothly then the annual performance review is the ideal opportunity to identify key staff members, training opportunities and promotion capabilities.

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