The Well Rounded Entrepreneur: Let’s Get This Right From the Start

I’ve found that an entrepreneur needs to wear many hats. Inventor, leader, salesman, marketer, etc.

When starting out, or starting up your own business, you need to make those first few initial steps, and always in the right direction.

This series of articles give some guidance on the key things to get right. I’ve also found that it’s just as important to know what mistakes to avoid for the budding entrepreneur.

How to Find a Home Based Business Suited to Your Situation

by Rod Dunne August 31, 2011 Entrepreneurial

It seems like so many people today are looking for the best home based businesses to help make ends meet. Today’s economy & job market has left people struggling, but there are some great home based business ideas to fill gaps in your income. In fact, people often turn to some of the best home (more)

Presentation Tips for Emphasizing Business Plans to Stakeholders & Investors

by Rod Dunne August 28, 2011 Biz Dev
Presenting business plans requires greater thought about format, key messages and your own goals

Any good business plan presentation you do will help management, employees and clients to understand the nature of the business. While a business plan pdf can be effective, a slide-show usually is easier to follow and remember. Following are some pointers for you to keep in mind when making a business plan presentation. These points (more)

Creating Breakthrough Product Development Strategies that Work

by Rod Dunne August 26, 2011 Biz Dev
Breaking out of traditional product development concepts with fresh new strategies

There are many components for you to consider with a product development strategy. Not only do you have to consider how to develop the item in the first place, but you also have to consider the entire product development process. In other words, you will need to consider starting out by writing a proper product roadmap plan (more)

4 Key Factors Affecting Which Small Business Type is Best for You

by Rod Dunne August 25, 2011 Biz Dev
4 small steps that dictate which startup business is best for you

Many people are lured into the idea of working from home thinking that they will be able to enjoy leisurely afternoons and a hefty income; trust me, if you are dreaming of easy riches, forget about a home based business. Even the most lucrative small scale business ideas require hard work and effort from you (more)

Smaller Scale Ideas for New Business Startups

by Rod Dunne August 22, 2011 Biz Dev
Ideas for smaller scale businesses which work from home parents may wish to consider

There are many advantages to working from home, such as being able to have flexible work hours for yourself and not having to worry about being fired or laid off. Add to this the potential of setting up your own passive income stream. The ability to be your own boss is attractive to many people (more)

Top 4 Training Tips to Improve Basic Customer Service

by Rod Dunne August 8, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Four basic tips to use when training customer service or client-facing staff

You know that any business that relies on customers purchasing goods or services is at the mercy of its employees. A single negative experience cannot only drive away the customer, but everyone to whom that customer complains as well. To build positive experiences that will bring your visitors back to buy again, here are some (more)

Listen Much? Must Have Skills for All Highly Effective Managers

by Rod Dunne August 4, 2011 Creative
Highly effective managers have traits and skills that can be taught, mentored and learned by willing participants

Most everyone has had at least one great manager and one terrible one. Unfortunately, the latter seems much more common than the former. What makes bad managing such a bug? It is a combination of ignorance and ego. If you have stepped up into that big role—telling other people what to do, managing their work (more)

Writing a Plan for Your Products Roadmap Which Stands a Chance of Success

by Rod Dunne August 3, 2011 Biz Dev
Writing your product roadmap plans doesn't need to be a nightmare. Set clear goals and defined key sections you need upfront

Getting ahead in business is not that hard. It takes a good product, of course, and customers willing and able to buy your product. The trick is in knowing how to get your product noticed by the public. Not surprisingly, this calls for a plan. You can call it writing a product roadmap plan, or (more)

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Simple Business Proposal Template

by Rod Dunne July 25, 2011 Biz Dev
Simple template structures for business proposals you can reuse in different scenarios, industries & contexts

Let us say you have a great business idea, but that alone will simply not do – you also need customers to make your business a success. Getting customers in this competitive world is not an easy task. A business proposal will help you answer your prospective customer’s questions and persuade them to choose you (more)

8 Reasons Why Insourcing is the New Outsourcing in Innovation

by Rod Dunne July 24, 2011 Creative
Insourcing and outsourcing of work both have pros and cons which can benefit your business

Is your company considering insourcing IT or other services? Well, you’re not alone! the heady dot-com days when outsourcing seemed to be the panacea for every business problem are now long gone however. The growing number of insourcing advantages are leading companies back to developing their skills in-house. You also find that the corporate culture (more)

A Truly Amazing List of Ground Breaking Entrepreneurs

by Rod Dunne July 20, 2011 Creative
Presenting a short list of superb entrepreneurs each of whom have made their millions through ethical business

As you’ll guess, it is not that easy to become an entrepreneur. On every list of entrepreneurs, the people who make the list are those who have qualities that other people just do not have. in particular, their ability to identify and act upon innovative business opportunities & ideas they perceive has been crucial to (more)