The Well Rounded Entrepreneur: Let’s Get This Right From the Start

I’ve found that an entrepreneur needs to wear many hats. Inventor, leader, salesman, marketer, etc.

When starting out, or starting up your own business, you need to make those first few initial steps, and always in the right direction.

This series of articles give some guidance on the key things to get right. I’ve also found that it’s just as important to know what mistakes to avoid for the budding entrepreneur.

Framing Fear for Fight, Flight & Freeze

by Rod Dunne February 4, 2012 Entrepreneurial
Framing Fear for Fight, Flight & Freeze

This has been bugging me of late. Every day you and I are bombarded with various messages relating to fears dangers and bad news. This can be in advertising, webpages, e-mails, human interactions and the media. What bugs me is that these fears are often framed without thought of how the recipient will react. That (more)

How to Write a Business Plan for Small Start Up Companies

by Rod Dunne November 30, 2011 Entrepreneurial
How you can go about writing a business plan for small firms and startup companies

Many people interested in starting a small business don’t know how to write a business plan, and may wonder why it is necessary. For one thing, the business plan will be part of the bank or financiers’ loan application package. In addition, the act of business plan writing guides the owner’s research to help determine (more)

The Complete Leadership Style Inventory – 6 of the Best to Model Yourself On

by Rod Dunne November 17, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Thumbnail image for The Complete Leadership Style Inventory – 6 of the Best to Model Yourself On

In order to be effective and successful in your leadership role, you need to map out the demands of your position, as well as the leadership requirements that come with it. As such, you can use my leadership style inventory to identify your appropriate appropriate leadership  skills list to suit your business and match your (more)

How to Patent an Idea or Product in 3 Key Stages

by Rod Dunne November 11, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Thumbnail image for How to Patent an Idea or Product in 3 Key Stages

For years, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, has been chiefly involved with intellectual property patent law and with granting patents to amateur and experienced inventors alike within the US. And if you’ve ever need to patent a concept, a new product design or idea then this is where you simply had (more)

Best New Business Ideas for 2012

by Rod Dunne November 2, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Best New Business Ideas for 2012

Economic news and worries about the future may turn people away from starting a new business. The truth is, there is always risk in starting a new company for all small scale industries and a recession does not provide an automatic reason you should stop working on your dream. In fact, Bill Gates started Microsoft (more)

4 Simple Time Management Software Tools and Techniques Folk Overlook

by Rod Dunne October 31, 2011 Entrepreneurial
4 Simple Time Management Techniques & Tools That are so Easily Overlooked

Time management is a priceless skill that everyone needs in order to have a better quality work & social life. At work, one of the business improvement techniques most often used is time and motion analysis to establish where individuals and teams are losing out on their productivity. In order to be successful, you need (more)

Why Your Organization Needs Quality Assurance & Control Plans Now

by Rod Dunne September 21, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Finding the bugs in your product range through well-planned quality-control & assurance

Your quality assurance plan is critical to ensuring that products will be implemented successfully without tarnishing your brand with customers. With a plan in place it becomes easier to for you to try out business improvement/development techniques, anticipate problems and then control the kind of desired results (performance/specification) desired. What exactly is quality assurance? Quality assurance, (more)

Designing New Products in Simple Stages to Ensure Success

by Rod Dunne September 16, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Using tools & techniques when designing new products that satisfy customer needs and are commercially viable

New product design is crucial whether you are a new entrepreneur or creating a fresh product design & development strategy for your company. There are a few things you need to keep in mind, that I’ll show you here, when beginning the product design process. For instance you want the most commercially viable as well (more)

Filtering Out the Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services and Solutions to Use

by Rod Dunne September 8, 2011 Biz Dev
Being selective about the marketing services you use for making the most of social media

What should you look for when you need social media marketing services to help with your Internet campaign? These days social media is one of the best ways to reach the maximum amount of potential clients or customers within a few key areas or demographics. However you need to understand social media management in order (more)

Creating Simple Business Plans Around Fundamental Structures and Formats

by Rod Dunne September 7, 2011 Biz Dev
Writing business plans which simply set out your future goals

If you’re planning to start your own business then you should put together a simple business plan. This helps to guide you through the process of starting small businesses, becoming your own employer and assessing the firm’s vision. If you prepare yourself this way you will find that you make fewer errors as you go (more)

Welcoming the Rise of Innovation in Entrepreneurship

by Rod Dunne September 5, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Entrepreneurial innovation is at the heart of financial gains for those companies willing to take the risk

The recent economic troubles that have plagued the world have spurred some to a new spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Much of this is driven by need since so many have found themselves locked out of the traditional jobs and careers. A willingness to engage in entrepreneurship and innovation has helped some avoid the most (more)