Acing the Human Side of Business Innovation

Let’s face it. The closer you get to being in senior management and running your own business then the more you need to know about building rapport and relationships with colleagues, workers and your customer base.

These articles focus on some of the social & psychological elements every strong leader or employee needs in order to get ahead in business.

Motivational Ideas for Employees That Boost Teamwork and Productivity

by Rod Dunne November 7, 2011 Human Side
Employee Motivation Ideas - Effective Workplace Techniques to Boost Teamwork and Productivity

High moral in your workplace is vital for everybody involved. This includes your customers, your managers, your employees, and the company itself. Any company can come up with as many sales gimmicks, new products and promotions as they like, but if they do not have any effective employee motivation ideas, all of the rest is (more)

Customer Service Quotations to Help Motivate and Lighten the Mood

by Rod Dunne September 26, 2011 Human Side
Understand how to think like a customer through the often comical and informative quotes they make

When you are a customer service representative you deal directly with the customer and you are often classified as the front line of your call center office or retail establishment. Individuals who work in customer service must be professional polite and patient. While there are always customers who are pleasant to deal with there will (more)

Customer Satisfaction Questions That Nail Your Customers Needs

by Rod Dunne September 19, 2011 Human Side
Your survey questions should pinpoint just how satisfied customers really are

Putting it simply – One of the best ways your business can find out how your customers feel about your products, service, prices and a variety of other concerns is to encourage them to fill out customer satisfaction survey questions. This type of customer loyalty research approach has the power to enable your business to (more)

Key Success Factors to Better Appraisals in Performance Management Systems

by Rod Dunne September 9, 2011 Creative
Walking the Tightrope of Performance Management Software Systems

You can use a performance management system when you want to appraise your employees in terms of training/development as well as organizational improvement. After all, it is only through measurement that you can establish trends & highlight problem areas. There are a few steps you can take when you need to create a business performance (more)

Key Phrases in Annual Performance Evaluations…and How to Use Them Right

by Rod Dunne August 17, 2011 Creative
 Choice phrases to use during annual evaluations to emphasize your performance & productivity

Maybe you belong to one of the many average corporations today who use performance evaluations. Well, you’re not alone. Practically every other business, from fast food to Marine Corps has jumped on the bandwagon. A performance review can be a scary thing; not only is your performance being reviewed, but it is also a ‘Does (more)

Suggested Comments for a Performance Evaluation that Enhance Productivity

by Rod Dunne August 14, 2011 Creative
When watching over and fostering employee performance, your evaluation comments start to become critical

When you are next asked to suggest comments for a performance evaluation, a newer concept states that an many overseers will want is to set the evaluated worker up for success, even through the evaluation. Using this positive approach with employees helps to create positive structures for change. You have to understand what communication techniques (more)

Finding Gold in Staff Comments during Performance Appraisals

by Rod Dunne August 12, 2011 Creative
Everybody's commenting! Filtering staff performance appraisals for useful feedback

You must have heard the myth that decries that the customer is the most important part of your business. Smart business owners/managers, and even less smart ones, have finally learned that their staff are the critical part of a firm. Without a competent and well-trained staff, your business will lose customers fast.  Good ethical standards (more)

Top 4 Training Tips to Improve Basic Customer Service

by Rod Dunne August 8, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Four basic tips to use when training customer service or client-facing staff

You know that any business that relies on customers purchasing goods or services is at the mercy of its employees. A single negative experience cannot only drive away the customer, but everyone to whom that customer complains as well. To build positive experiences that will bring your visitors back to buy again, here are some (more)

Is it OK to Use Sample Phrases Extensively in Performance Review Appraisals?

by Rod Dunne August 7, 2011 Creative
All performance appraisals use template or sample phrases extensively. The key is customizing these to motivate your staff and business context

Your employee performance reviews are essential to long-term business success. No chain is any stronger than its weakest link. Likewise, no organization is a single iota more productive than is its least proficient member. Realistic, objective individual comments on performance review appraisals are imperative for optimizing collective productivity in your company. Human ingenuity is the (more)

Listen Much? Must Have Skills for All Highly Effective Managers

by Rod Dunne August 4, 2011 Creative
Highly effective managers have traits and skills that can be taught, mentored and learned by willing participants

Most everyone has had at least one great manager and one terrible one. Unfortunately, the latter seems much more common than the former. What makes bad managing such a bug? It is a combination of ignorance and ego. If you have stepped up into that big role—telling other people what to do, managing their work (more)

Supercharging Your Comments on Performance Review Appraisals

by Rod Dunne July 31, 2011 Creative
All employees should use performance reviews for appraising what's beneficial comments can highlight their skills

Your company no doubt uses some form of performance review comments to either encourage their employees or to correct something that employees are doing that should be altered as part of your in-house change management process. There are few things as important to both your employees and management as the comments on performance review appraisals. (more)