Acing the Human Side of Business Innovation

Let’s face it. The closer you get to being in senior management and running your own business then the more you need to know about building rapport and relationships with colleagues, workers and your customer base.

These articles focus on some of the social & psychological elements every strong leader or employee needs in order to get ahead in business.

Discovering the Lost Tribes of the Google Plus Ecosystem

by Rod Dunne February 26, 2012 Human Side
Discovering the Lost Tribes of the Google Plus Ecosystem

(or why curating & sharing your own circles is mission-critical social strategy) I had a bit of a revelation this week regarding Google Plus. When analyzing any system it’s easy for me (us!) to focus on large network elements. Things like the 100 million user accounts and some of its larger sub-communities (e.g. photographer networks). (more)

Framing Fear for Fight, Flight & Freeze

by Rod Dunne February 4, 2012 Entrepreneurial
Framing Fear for Fight, Flight & Freeze

This has been bugging me of late. Every day you and I are bombarded with various messages relating to fears dangers and bad news. This can be in advertising, webpages, e-mails, human interactions and the media. What bugs me is that these fears are often framed without thought of how the recipient will react. That (more)

Running Successful Employee Satisfaction Surveys

by Rod Dunne January 15, 2012 Human Side
Running Satisfaction Surveys to Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity Levels

Using employee satisfaction surveys can be very beneficial to both your employees and employers. Your employees have the opportunity to evaluate what they do and do not like regarding various aspects of the workplace while employers get insight into how their employees feel and can work toward improving workplace productivity. However, when conducting employee satisfaction (more)

How Web Based Customer Service Apps are Transforming IT Help Desks

by Rod Dunne December 14, 2011 Human Side
The rise of online services in the customer support niche

It should be apparent to you that just about everybody loves to see superior support for information technology issue whenever a software tool or service goes down. Modern online customer service software lies behind each of your support requests and provides companies with the edge to exceed what the competition is offering consumers. Key to (more)

6 Critical Practices for Successful Succession Planning

by Rod Dunne December 7, 2011 Human Side
6 Critical Practices for Successful Succession Planning

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – as the saying goes. In business, you need a risk management process which maps out your sucession planning strategy for replacing staff, CEO’s, outsource firms and even sometimes replacing yourself. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You’re in a job when the boss, work colleague or team (more)

Enlightening Insights on How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

by Rod Dunne November 28, 2011 Human Side
Excelling in how customer service perform through better acceptance and management of feedback

For many valid reasons, commercial operators of all sizes, types, and structures are becoming increasingly concerned about how to provide excellent customer service. Whether or not entrepreneurs and corporate executives realize or like to admit it, service is really all you have to offer so having excellent customer service skills is essential. A consistently high (more)

Improving Your Performance Appraisals with Well Planned 360 Degree Assessments

by Rod Dunne November 24, 2011 Human Side
Critical steps to do and pitfalls to avoid when doing appraisals

The use of 360 degree performance appraisal has become increasingly common among organizations in the last two decades. Appraisals have always been considered an essential tool for the effective evaluation and management of staff at all levels, as well as for improved achievement of organizational goals. However, the types of performance appraisal methods generally used (more)

Alert! Key Employee Engagement Survey Questions You Must Ask Your Staff

by Rod Dunne November 23, 2011 Human Side
Critical Employee Survey Questions You Should be Asking Your Staff

Your employees have a voice. Generally, staff members work very closely with clients as they are the front lines of your operation. If you do not hear what your employees have to say, production and customer satisfaction levels can suffer. Employee engagement surveys are designed to engage your employees and give them the voice they (more)

Understanding the Basics of Managing HR Departments Strategically

by Rod Dunne November 18, 2011 Human Side
Thumbnail image for Understanding the Basics of Managing HR Departments Strategically

All of the employees in your organization have their own individual goals and skills. A human resources manager should help employees express their goals with specificity so they can become a valuable asset to the organization in a department that interests them the most. Human resource management has changed drastically over the years and is (more)

The Complete Leadership Style Inventory – 6 of the Best to Model Yourself On

by Rod Dunne November 17, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Thumbnail image for The Complete Leadership Style Inventory – 6 of the Best to Model Yourself On

In order to be effective and successful in your leadership role, you need to map out the demands of your position, as well as the leadership requirements that come with it. As such, you can use my leadership style inventory to identify your appropriate appropriate leadership  skills list to suit your business and match your (more)

Setting Goals, Scope and Reporting Expectations in Performance Improvement Plans

by Rod Dunne November 10, 2011 Creative
Thumbnail image for Setting Goals, Scope and Reporting Expectations in Performance Improvement Plans

If you are a supervisor within an employee performance management system, you understand the importance of performance improvement plans. A performance improvement plan is a formal agreement that is designed to facilitate discussion between a staff member and their supervisor or direct manager. If you have staff members who need to improve, then follow the (more)