The Ultimate Guide to Producing Perkier Products

Your guide to producing perkier products. Starting with ideation and brainstorming and working through your new product designs and prototypes to come up with commercially viable product lines.

Massive Growth Through Creative Thinking and Innovation Management

by Rod Dunne September 14, 2011 Creative
That lightbulb moment when creative ideas are managed in an innovative way with commercially viable products

Creativity and innovation management may not be the first thing you think of when you consider the success of your organization but these days innovation and creativity are a key component to any endeavor. Your organization’s success can hinge upon the diffusion of innovation when you are seeking to place a new product on the (more)

Welcoming the Rise of Innovation in Entrepreneurship

by Rod Dunne September 5, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Entrepreneurial innovation is at the heart of financial gains for those companies willing to take the risk

The recent economic troubles that have plagued the world have spurred some to a new spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Much of this is driven by need since so many have found themselves locked out of the traditional jobs and careers. A willingness to engage in entrepreneurship and innovation has helped some avoid the most (more)

How to Find a Home Based Business Suited to Your Situation

by Rod Dunne August 31, 2011 Entrepreneurial

It seems like so many people today are looking for the best home based businesses to help make ends meet. Today’s economy & job market has left people struggling, but there are some great home based business ideas to fill gaps in your income. In fact, people often turn to some of the best home (more)

Creating Breakthrough Product Development Strategies that Work

by Rod Dunne August 26, 2011 Biz Dev
Breaking out of traditional product development concepts with fresh new strategies

There are many components for you to consider with a product development strategy. Not only do you have to consider how to develop the item in the first place, but you also have to consider the entire product development process. In other words, you will need to consider starting out by writing a proper product roadmap plan (more)

Top 4 Training Tips to Improve Basic Customer Service

by Rod Dunne August 8, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Four basic tips to use when training customer service or client-facing staff

You know that any business that relies on customers purchasing goods or services is at the mercy of its employees. A single negative experience cannot only drive away the customer, but everyone to whom that customer complains as well. To build positive experiences that will bring your visitors back to buy again, here are some (more)

8 Reasons Why Insourcing is the New Outsourcing in Innovation

by Rod Dunne July 24, 2011 Creative
Insourcing and outsourcing of work both have pros and cons which can benefit your business

Is your company considering insourcing IT or other services? Well, you’re not alone! the heady dot-com days when outsourcing seemed to be the panacea for every business problem are now long gone however. The growing number of insourcing advantages are leading companies back to developing their skills in-house. You also find that the corporate culture (more)

Successfully Managing Change Management Processes

by Rod Dunne July 23, 2011 Biz Dev
The process of change management straightforward and helps mitigate risk within your business

The change management process is any method used in your company in order to manage and control the changes that take place within the company or organization.  With so many businesses held together with technology these days, it is important that you have an IT change management process strategy in place to keep communication clear (more)

Innovative Business Concepts and Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

by Rod Dunne July 15, 2011 Innovation
Using innovation as a key business idea for growth and development of your company

Your new innovative business ideas may be just the thing for which everyone is looking and may take off with success you could have never imagined. You will never know if your innovation strategy will succeed unless you try out your home business ideas to see whether they will really work. There are so many (more)

Selecting Business Computer Support Services? 3 Critical Factors to Consider

by Rod Dunne June 27, 2011 Innovation
3 support services your business infrastructure, computers and network facilities will always require

If you own a business, you cannot operate efficiently without business computer services.  Computers and advanced software programs have changed the way companies do business – almost as much as business marketing & promotion services have. Instead of storing data in physical file folders, companies store their entire company portfolio in virtual databases. If you (more)

7 Steps to Simpler Change Management Strategies

by Rod Dunne May 13, 2011 Creative
Managing strategic change within your operations, workforce or business processes

Is your current change management strategy failing to stop scope-creep on your projects? Or, are you looking for a simple change management strategy that can be easily implemented on new or existing teams? The simple fact is that a lot of change management training provide complex project change management models and strategies which most teams fail (more)

How To Invent Something New and Innovative

by Rod Dunne May 4, 2011 Biz Dev
4 steps covering how to go about inventing new things that are commercially viable

Wondering how to invent something new? You’re not alone. When Tim Berners Lee (the man who invented the internet) worked out how to use HTML to allow computers to talk to each other then he was simply trying to resolve an issue that troubled him. Every day people are thinking about new ideas or ways (more)