The Ultimate Guide to Producing Perkier Products

Your guide to producing perkier products. Starting with ideation and brainstorming and working through your new product designs and prototypes to come up with commercially viable product lines.

The 3 Social Networks within Google+ and The Part You Play

by Rod Dunne February 13, 2012 Innovation

You thought Google+ was just one social network, right? Technology-wise it’s all bundled in as one application – true. But the ecology of this knowledge network contains 3 different hidden networks we all overlook. I’ll show you the 3 hidden networks, the part you & your collaborators play in this and why you should even (more)

4 Tenets of Innovation That Film Makers and Distributors Can Teach You

by Rod Dunne January 22, 2012 Innovation
What Film Distribution Can Teach You About Innovation

Film distribution and cinema management are two businesses that have been in operation for over 100 years. So you’d guess by this stage they’d have pretty much established a slick procedure for new product launches and marketing. In a way, you’d be right. There are definitely some takeaways that could be applied to other businesses. (more)

5 Tips for Using Idea Management Systems and Software

by Rod Dunne January 3, 2012 Innovation
5 great tips for using knowledge/idea management tools to their utmost

An idea management system is software that furnishes companies with a systematic method of evaluating new ideas and developing innovative approaches to conduct business. In this post, I’ll show you five crucial tips for using such software and systems for getting the most out of your innovations. The preamble Innovation is tremendously important in a (more)

7 Innovative Ideas for Business: Rethinking Your Products, Promotions and Processes

by Rod Dunne December 2, 2011 Innovation
Seven innovative product, process and promotion ideas for contemporary businesses

When it comes to raising your game, innovative ideas for business can bring you profits from sources that you may have never considered. Innovative business ideas can come from both the strangest places and the oddest times or from the most mundane of activities. Developing 7 new innovative ideas is the goal of this text (more)

Game Changing Quotes about Innovation in the Business World

by Rod Dunne November 4, 2011 Innovation
Game Changing Quotes on Innovation

Quotes on innovation can often inspire individuals in a special way. Quotes are easy to remember and have a powerful effect on one’s psyche. Following are some great quotes on various aspects of innovation, such as technology innovation, creativity and innovation management, software and more. Most are from famous inventors whose innovative spirits have changed (more)

4 Simple Time Management Software Tools and Techniques Folk Overlook

by Rod Dunne October 31, 2011 Entrepreneurial
4 Simple Time Management Techniques & Tools That are so Easily Overlooked

Time management is a priceless skill that everyone needs in order to have a better quality work & social life. At work, one of the business improvement techniques most often used is time and motion analysis to establish where individuals and teams are losing out on their productivity. In order to be successful, you need (more)

What Does the Term Innovative Mean in the World of New Emerging Technologies?

by Rod Dunne October 28, 2011 Innovation
What Does the Term Innovative & Cutting Edge Mean in New Emerging Technologies?

You often find people misusing the word innovation when in fact they mean invention. Innovations are actually the commercialization of inventions, or the appliance of science as one manufacturer use the college. Here, I’ll show you how creativity and innovation management are completely dependent on cutting-edge/bleeding edge technologies as the lifeblood of tomorrow’s must-have products. (more)

Meeting the Challenges of Disruptive Innovation and Change in Business

by Rod Dunne October 25, 2011 Innovation
Adapt to change or die like the dodo - Meeting disruptive innovations and change head on

A quote made famous after the passing of one of the worlds most recent revolutionaries was that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. This is one of the many famous quotes on innovation which Steve Jobs made, and could not be more correct. Innovation propels you & me forward, makes our lives easier (more)

Get On Time and On Budget With Project Management Systems & Software

by Rod Dunne October 11, 2011 Innovation
How software applications have helped project managers control budgets and tight schedules

It’s not so long ago that all project management training programs were using paper-based complex Gantt charts that you constantly needed to be updated by you and redrawn. Today project management software has changed all that for you. Nowadays you’ll find no more hand-drawn paper charts being used in any form of project manager training. Importantly, (more)

Breaking Down New Product Development Processes into Manageable Chunks

by Rod Dunne September 28, 2011 Innovation
Making sure the processes within product development do not smother new ideas and unique concepts from flourishing

Your new product development process begins with an idea that can be entirely original or an enhancement of an existing product. Getting final products to customers isn’t always easy however as your product development process is riddled with numerous hurdles that can stop your project before it even reaches completion. It All Begins With Requirements (more)

Designing New Products in Simple Stages to Ensure Success

by Rod Dunne September 16, 2011 Entrepreneurial
Using tools & techniques when designing new products that satisfy customer needs and are commercially viable

New product design is crucial whether you are a new entrepreneur or creating a fresh product design & development strategy for your company. There are a few things you need to keep in mind, that I’ll show you here, when beginning the product design process. For instance you want the most commercially viable as well (more)