Creative Management: Amplifying What You’ve Already Got

Creative management is all about knowing how to get more out of what you’ve got. Simply put, its all about exercising the 80/20 rule and focusing on those people, systems and processes which provide the best results.

In the collection of articles here I’ll run the gamut of creative techniques from obtaining business loans, outsourcing, hiring techniques (forgetting staff with broad skill bases), etc.

Creating Breakthrough Product Development Strategies that Work

by Rod Dunne August 26, 2011 Biz Dev
Breaking out of traditional product development concepts with fresh new strategies

There are many components for you to consider with a product development strategy. Not only do you have to consider how to develop the item in the first place, but you also have to consider the entire product development process. In other words, you will need to consider starting out by writing a proper product roadmap plan (more)

Tips for Getting the Most From Sample Marketing Plans

by Rod Dunne August 19, 2011 Creative
Using sample marketing plans which emphasize traditional as well as contemporary approaches to branding and promotion

Creating a marketing plan is not easy. For this reason, many businesses use traditional marketing plan samples. Marketing plan examples are helpful but you should never be used without modifications or changes. In fact, these plans are best used as a springboard for your business to create its own marketing plan. Best of all, you (more)

Key Phrases in Annual Performance Evaluations…and How to Use Them Right

by Rod Dunne August 17, 2011 Creative
 Choice phrases to use during annual evaluations to emphasize your performance & productivity

Maybe you belong to one of the many average corporations today who use performance evaluations. Well, you’re not alone. Practically every other business, from fast food to Marine Corps has jumped on the bandwagon. A performance review can be a scary thing; not only is your performance being reviewed, but it is also a ‘Does (more)

Suggested Comments for a Performance Evaluation that Enhance Productivity

by Rod Dunne August 14, 2011 Creative
When watching over and fostering employee performance, your evaluation comments start to become critical

When you are next asked to suggest comments for a performance evaluation, a newer concept states that an many overseers will want is to set the evaluated worker up for success, even through the evaluation. Using this positive approach with employees helps to create positive structures for change. You have to understand what communication techniques (more)

Finding Gold in Staff Comments during Performance Appraisals

by Rod Dunne August 12, 2011 Creative
Everybody's commenting! Filtering staff performance appraisals for useful feedback

You must have heard the myth that decries that the customer is the most important part of your business. Smart business owners/managers, and even less smart ones, have finally learned that their staff are the critical part of a firm. Without a competent and well-trained staff, your business will lose customers fast.  Good ethical standards (more)

Is it OK to Use Sample Phrases Extensively in Performance Review Appraisals?

by Rod Dunne August 7, 2011 Creative
All performance appraisals use template or sample phrases extensively. The key is customizing these to motivate your staff and business context

Your employee performance reviews are essential to long-term business success. No chain is any stronger than its weakest link. Likewise, no organization is a single iota more productive than is its least proficient member. Realistic, objective individual comments on performance review appraisals are imperative for optimizing collective productivity in your company. Human ingenuity is the (more)

Listen Much? Must Have Skills for All Highly Effective Managers

by Rod Dunne August 4, 2011 Creative
Highly effective managers have traits and skills that can be taught, mentored and learned by willing participants

Most everyone has had at least one great manager and one terrible one. Unfortunately, the latter seems much more common than the former. What makes bad managing such a bug? It is a combination of ignorance and ego. If you have stepped up into that big role—telling other people what to do, managing their work (more)

Supercharging Your Comments on Performance Review Appraisals

by Rod Dunne July 31, 2011 Creative
All employees should use performance reviews for appraising what's beneficial comments can highlight their skills

Your company no doubt uses some form of performance review comments to either encourage their employees or to correct something that employees are doing that should be altered as part of your in-house change management process. There are few things as important to both your employees and management as the comments on performance review appraisals. (more)

What is Proper Communication Like in Effective Workplace Environments?

by Rod Dunne July 26, 2011 Creative
Understanding what good communication should be like in the workplace involves some key factors

What is communication in workplace? Communication in the offices, factories, etc. can take many forms, especially with technology and online business services & systems continuing to evolve. You can reach employers, employees and colleagues anywhere in the world with smartphones and other mobile devices. No matter how you keep in touch with others, it is (more)

The Best Examples of Performance Reviews (Time Management Sections)

by Rod Dunne July 25, 2011 Creative
Documenting time management problems within performance appraisals & evaluations

For every competent manager, the expression “samples of performance reviews – time management” is usually a vital part of staff appraisal you complete. The duty of management is to motivate and supervise to ensure that your staff do their jobs well. You need to have your choice of performance appraisal methodology in place in order to (more)

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Simple Business Proposal Template

by Rod Dunne July 25, 2011 Biz Dev
Simple template structures for business proposals you can reuse in different scenarios, industries & contexts

Let us say you have a great business idea, but that alone will simply not do – you also need customers to make your business a success. Getting customers in this competitive world is not an easy task. A business proposal will help you answer your prospective customer’s questions and persuade them to choose you (more)