Creative Management: Amplifying What You’ve Already Got

Creative management is all about knowing how to get more out of what you’ve got. Simply put, its all about exercising the 80/20 rule and focusing on those people, systems and processes which provide the best results.

In the collection of articles here I’ll run the gamut of creative techniques from obtaining business loans, outsourcing, hiring techniques (forgetting staff with broad skill bases), etc.

A Primer on Business Process Management Software and Solutions That Work

by Rod Dunne January 10, 2012 Creative
Your Guide to Business Process Management Software Options

For a business owner, finding business process management solutions should be of paramount importance. Business process management, or BPM, is a management approach that tries to align every aspect of the business with the wants and needs of the clients. Obviously good for the clients, this approach to business process modeling has been proven to (more)

Setting Goals, Scope and Reporting Expectations in Performance Improvement Plans

by Rod Dunne November 10, 2011 Creative
Thumbnail image for Setting Goals, Scope and Reporting Expectations in Performance Improvement Plans

If you are a supervisor within an employee performance management system, you understand the importance of performance improvement plans. A performance improvement plan is a formal agreement that is designed to facilitate discussion between a staff member and their supervisor or direct manager. If you have staff members who need to improve, then follow the (more)

Functional Elements All Project Management Offices Need To Survive

by Rod Dunne October 26, 2011 Creative
Desks, Chairs & Whiteboards are Not the Only Thing an Enterprise Project Management Office Needs to Function Right

Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) has a far more comprehensive reach in an organization compared to a traditional Project Management Office (PMO). Usually a grass root approach is taken while starting a Project Management Office, and hence their effect remains confined to a particular department, and over a particular portfolio of projects. This approach, although (more)

Making New Product Launches Succeed Through Strategic Planning

by Rod Dunne October 24, 2011 Creative
Steps for launching new products to help ensure it has every chance of success

You should realize that every important event merits some form of planning, and events as important as a new product launch needs you to meticulously detail strategic planning and a risk mitigation management process that ensures its success. Planning out every stage and facet of your launch ensures that your brand entrenches its new line (more)

Top 5 Creative Marketing and Promotion Ideas for Small Business

by Rod Dunne October 21, 2011 Creative
Using more creatively thought-out marketing ideas to stand out from the crowd

Marketing in this day and age is an evolving art and science. With changes in technology and consumer demands your small business has to adapt quickly and use innovative approaches aimed at targeting the right market and creating interest. If your business wishes to play up it’s strengths then it needs to look beyond the (more)

Nailing Your Risk Management Processes Before Things Go Awry

by Rod Dunne October 3, 2011 Creative
Simple processes for managing risk to safeguard your business up front

Risk management certification is a much sought after credential in today’s corporate world. Legal regulations complicate all your business transactions and the last thing corporations you want to deal with is a lawsuit. Not only does a proper risk management process help keep your company on the up-and-up it can help solidify your employees safely (more)

The True Value of Business Process Modeling (BPM) Tools & Techniques

by Rod Dunne September 23, 2011 Creative
Defining the flows in business processes using software to create high-level models

Business process modeling is a key way for you to show executives and workers in a company exactly how their business functions. It also is an opportunity to show them how the processes involved can be improved so that the company functions better in the future. In this post I’ll show you the types of (more)

Massive Growth Through Creative Thinking and Innovation Management

by Rod Dunne September 14, 2011 Creative
That lightbulb moment when creative ideas are managed in an innovative way with commercially viable products

Creativity and innovation management may not be the first thing you think of when you consider the success of your organization but these days innovation and creativity are a key component to any endeavor. Your organization’s success can hinge upon the diffusion of innovation when you are seeking to place a new product on the (more)

Key Success Factors to Better Appraisals in Performance Management Systems

by Rod Dunne September 9, 2011 Creative
Walking the Tightrope of Performance Management Software Systems

You can use a performance management system when you want to appraise your employees in terms of training/development as well as organizational improvement. After all, it is only through measurement that you can establish trends & highlight problem areas. There are a few steps you can take when you need to create a business performance (more)

Core Business Improvement & Development Techniques and Tricks to Overlook at Your Peril

by Rod Dunne September 2, 2011 Creative
Directing all business improvement through proper use of best practices and proven techniques

Business improvement techniques are activities that organizations like yours are consciously employing to enhance their business processes. It’s no silver bullet though. You need to plan, measure and communicate the changes you’re trying to make. It aims to achieve its goal and objectives by improving the business processes of the whole company. By enhancing the (more)

Presentation Tips for Emphasizing Business Plans to Stakeholders & Investors

by Rod Dunne August 28, 2011 Biz Dev
Presenting business plans requires greater thought about format, key messages and your own goals

Any good business plan presentation you do will help management, employees and clients to understand the nature of the business. While a business plan pdf can be effective, a slide-show usually is easier to follow and remember. Following are some pointers for you to keep in mind when making a business plan presentation. These points (more)