Best New Business Ideas for 2012

Best New Business Ideas for 2012

by Rod Dunne on November 2, 2011

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Economic news and worries about the future may turn people away from starting a new business. The truth is, there is always risk in starting a new company for all small scale industries and a recession does not provide an automatic reason you should stop working on your dream.

In fact, Bill Gates started Microsoft in a recession. Although that is an extreme example, many people have started small businesses when the economy was down.

Many people today are launching successful companies because they lost their job. If you want to get started with the best new business ideas for 2012, though, now is the time to begin planning.

Depending on the type of business you want to start, you will need permits, licenses, capital, a location and employees. It can take six months to a year for planning.

By starting in late 2011, you may be able to open your doors (so to speak) well before the holiday rush in 2012!

Top 3 Internet Business Ideas for 2012

Internet businesses often provide a faster period from planning to launch. Depending on the type of internet business, you may not need to rent space or apply for local permits. One of the best internet business ideas for 2012 involves affiliate marketing. Despite the technical sounding term, affiliate marketing is an easy way to make extra cash online. When you participate in this business, you sign up with various vendors and online retailers as an affiliate.

One of the biggest affiliate programs is through Amazon, but many online companies have these programs. Simply visit the sites for your favorite products or companies and look for an affiliate link. Once you sign up, you can recommend their products to others through links.

Each time someone uses your link to visit the site and makes a purchase, you receive a commission. You can build links through blogs, comments in forums and writing articles online. Although it takes a while to create a steady cash flow, it is possible to make a full-time income from home.

The one way to fast-track your way to business success start using viral marketing ideas (e.g. viral videos) to promote your sites. You’ll find that viral marketing can be a little hit and miss. Sometimes the most simple and quirky ideas can really take off. The key thing to realize however is that a large number of these marketing approaches will actually fail to take off so don’t blow all of your marketing budgets.

Another online business option is to open a virtual storefront. If you are not technically proficient and want to test the waters, you can open a store through sites like EBay or Etsy. Online storefronts are great small business ideas for 2012, because you can turn your hobby or passion into a career.

You can provide customized coffee mixtures, homemade cards, different lines of stationary, handmade art or your favorite fashion lines. There is no limit to the type of store you can open online. Promote your business using whatever freely available advertising on-line you can find (e.g. craigslist, web directories, etc.).

If a career in sales is the last thing on your mind, you may want to think about opening an online service company. Everyone has skills, and you can turn yours into cash. Attorneys, accountants, therapists and physical trainers all have obvious niches for an online service company. You can also open a service company if you have the skills to be a virtual assistant, copywriter, graphic designer or artist.

2012: Hopefully a great year for successful business ideas

Best New Business Ideas for 2012 for Working at Home

Some of the best business ideas for 2012 allow you to work at home, but are not necessarily online businesses. A growing work-at-home field is medical billing. You can attend training schools for medical billing and coding, but the best way to launch a home business is to gain experience in the field first.

If you are an experienced biller, you can convert previous employers into clients. Companies are outsourcing many administrative tasks in an effort to save money, and welcome the opportunity to work with known, experienced vendors.

Other small business ideas for 2012 that allow you to work from home using your career experience include legal or medical transcription, electronic or computer repair, software design or programming, childcare and baking.

Whether you choose to run a home daycare, open a cupcake delivery business or fix computers, you will find that you should start getting the word out now to build a client base for launch in 2012. All all of the better home-based businesses mentioned here require time to build up a client base and good word-of-mouth from happy customers will cause a snowball effect in the amount of custom you can look forward to receiving.

Personalize the Best Business Ideas for 2012 for You: Make it Your Passion Project!

It is important to remember that a great business idea is worthless if you are not interested in it. Starting your own business takes a huge commitment in time and resources. You may have to put your own money into the launch. Most new entrepreneurs work more hours than they did with their full-time job, and for less pay.

Do not be discouraged by these truths. Persistence can pay off in the end when your business is successful, and you will receive great return on your initial investment.

Because it takes so much work, you should never launch a company simply because it seems like one of the best new business ideas for 2012 – Your business should be your passion. A company is more likely to be successful if you love the work involved. You are more likely to push through the hard times if you enjoy the work than if you just picked something that sounded like having a lot of potential.

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