Top 4 Training Tips to Improve Basic Customer Service

Four basic tips to use when training customer service or client-facing staff

by Rod Dunne on August 8, 2011

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You know that any business that relies on customers purchasing goods or services is at the mercy of its employees. A single negative experience cannot only drive away the customer, but everyone to whom that customer complains as well.

To build positive experiences that will bring your visitors back to buy again, here are some basic customer service training tips for you to keep in mind.

These restaurant style marketing strategies can be applied to any type of industry where you have to face clients daily.

Set clear goals and expectations for Your team

The best customer service training programs are those that thoroughly establish the actions and behaviors that are expected from your employees. Most cashiers working for minimum wage are told to be friendly before they are stationed at cash registers; as a guideline, that is too vague to make a lasting impression.

Be specific. What should customer your service representatives do, minimally, at each step during interaction with customers? How are employees expected to deal with situations that do not follow the normal script? Look for any way for you and your staff to contribute to improving sales performance.

Make every interaction personal for customers

When setting out guidelines for interaction with your customers, methods for maintaining a sense of personal involvement should have priority in basic customer service training tips. You no doubt realize that good small town businesses are prized by locals for the sense of community experienced soon after entering.

To recreate that feeling, make sure your customers are greeted within a minute of walking through the door.

  • Sincerity is vital for every communication with consumers.
  • Good eye contact, friendly smiles, and forthright body language will all help convey that each visitor is important and valued.
  • Nobody feels welcome when greeted with slouching postures, folded arms, averted eyes, and mumbled noncommittal answers.

Establish Your employee’s powers and limitations

A solid customer service training program will leave your employees confident in the knowledge of situations they are expected to handle and those matters that require higher authorities to resolve. Your consumers are best served when the representative helping them has enough flexibility to take care of most problems.

When that representative knows that the company will give leeway in resolving matters, helping your customers becomes the most important priority, rather than worrying about blame and responsibility.

Ask Your employees for their best and worst experiences as customers

Some of the most effective basic customer service training tips can come from the employees being trained. Customer service training videos can offer valuable information, but the most effective lessons are always personal.

Having each employee come up with their most positive and negative customer experiences builds a clear set of goals for each individual. Talking about how to emulate the good and improve upon the bad experiences will reinforce expected behaviors.

Companies focused on customer service training should keep in mind, along with these tips, that management should always offer the best example. YOUR employees are more likely to follow guidelines when YOU the manager clearly also value them. Representatives are the face of a company to the consumer, and you should always be well prepared to present a positive image.

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