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by Rod Dunne on October 5, 2010

What’s in it For You? – What My Site Can Help You With…

The purpose of this website is to provide you with information relating to information management, technology management and innovation strategy in companies. You can apply these concepts to any size firm, from start-ups to established multinational firms, as many of the examples in this websites articles will testify.

Applying an innovation strategy is not restricted to information technology. This is a common misconception. These processes can really be applied to just about any type of industry that is attempting to create new products and innovative product lines.

What I try to show is how Inventions and Innovations can be correctly applied.

Invention and innovation are closely linked and sadly often used to express the same concepts. So, to clarify,

  • Invention is.. the process of thinking up new ways of producing products and services
  • Innovation is.. the process of commercially exploiting new inventions in the marketplace.

This website focuses on the strategies, processes and social skills that can be incorporated into any business for making their own innovative product lines and business models. A major focus is on elements of invention and prototyping as this can often be an elemental part of the initial fuzzy front end in a new product development process.

That said, some of the biggest innovations in business need to made in the minds of participants. Improving productivity and collaborative work networks has more to do with how people work together than merely operational process. This is one area I love to deal with – where the psychology of persuasion meets the workplace & the marketplace.

Note that an innovation strategy can be applied to both physical products or services. This website makes no distinction between whether it is a physical item or service that is being innovated, except where explicitly stated.

The goal of the website is to encourage debate and open communication of various innovation strategies, business models and fresh approaches to staying competitive.

This site saves little in the way of reader information, save for comments on article pages. For more information, head on over to the privacy policy page.

Roderick Dunne - Technology and Innovation Management - Profile PicAbout the Author/Editor: Roderick Dunne.. or Rod to Friends


Rod is the owner, editor and principal author of Product-ivity.com. I have worked in software development in various capacities and IT consultancy since 1993 after graduating from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). Most recently, I’ve worked in software houses in a technology management capacity.

In 2007, I completed a Masters in Technology Management from University College Dublin, Ireland. Many of the concepts and tools detailed in the innovation management articles for this site relate back to some of the research and studies involved during the Masters degree.

Feel free to leave comments on each article page or contact myself directly using the details on the contact page, via facebook or brevity fans can tweet me.

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Blog owner and sole writer Rod DunneI am the owner and sole writer on Product-ivity.com. This is my personal blog detailing troubleshooting tips for small businesses. Posts are based upon 2 decades in consultancy & innovation management within startups/maturing companies.

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