Google+ Communities: The End of People As We Know It

by Rod Dunne December 9, 2012 Marketing
Communities vs Circles

So, Google rolled out their new applicationGoogle+ Communities last week, to much fanfare. And to anyone who has used Facebook Groups to follow their own interest networks it will be feel familiar. Certainly interest network communities was something long overdue introducing. Take a Step Back Though For the last 18 months or so Google have (more)

Survey Results: To What Degree is Marketing Punished in Google Plus?

by Rod Dunne April 24, 2012 Marketing

To what degree is marketing by individuals punished in Google+? This is precisely what I wanted to find out with my survey. But I also wanted to establish how reactive people were in punishing those who plied their wares using Google+ Profiles (as opposed to G+ Pages). I’ve not seen any surveys like this online (more)

Discovering the Lost Tribes of the Google Plus Ecosystem

by Rod Dunne February 26, 2012 Human Side
Discovering the Lost Tribes of the Google Plus Ecosystem

(or why curating & sharing your own circles is mission-critical social strategy) I had a bit of a revelation this week regarding Google Plus. When analyzing any system it’s easy for me (us!) to focus on large network elements. Things like the 100 million user accounts and some of its larger sub-communities (e.g. photographer networks). (more)

The 3 Social Networks within Google+ and The Part You Play

by Rod Dunne February 13, 2012 Innovation

You thought Google+ was just one social network, right? Technology-wise it’s all bundled in as one application – true. But the ecology of this knowledge network contains 3 different hidden networks we all overlook. I’ll show you the 3 hidden networks, the part you & your collaborators play in this and why you should even (more)

Framing Fear for Fight, Flight & Freeze

by Rod Dunne February 4, 2012 Entrepreneurial
Framing Fear for Fight, Flight & Freeze

This has been bugging me of late. Every day you and I are bombarded with various messages relating to fears dangers and bad news. This can be in advertising, webpages, e-mails, human interactions and the media. What bugs me is that these fears are often framed without thought of how the recipient will react. That (more)

4 Tenets of Innovation That Film Makers and Distributors Can Teach You

by Rod Dunne January 22, 2012 Innovation
What Film Distribution Can Teach You About Innovation

Film distribution and cinema management are two businesses that have been in operation for over 100 years. So you’d guess by this stage they’d have pretty much established a slick procedure for new product launches and marketing. In a way, you’d be right. There are definitely some takeaways that could be applied to other businesses. (more)

Running Successful Employee Satisfaction Surveys

by Rod Dunne January 15, 2012 Human Side
Running Satisfaction Surveys to Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity Levels

Using employee satisfaction surveys can be very beneficial to both your employees and employers. Your employees have the opportunity to evaluate what they do and do not like regarding various aspects of the workplace while employers get insight into how their employees feel and can work toward improving workplace productivity. However, when conducting employee satisfaction (more)

A Primer on Business Process Management Software and Solutions That Work

by Rod Dunne January 10, 2012 Creative
Your Guide to Business Process Management Software Options

For a business owner, finding business process management solutions should be of paramount importance. Business process management, or BPM, is a management approach that tries to align every aspect of the business with the wants and needs of the clients. Obviously good for the clients, this approach to business process modeling has been proven to (more)

5 Tips for Using Idea Management Systems and Software

by Rod Dunne January 3, 2012 Innovation
5 great tips for using knowledge/idea management tools to their utmost

An idea management system is software that furnishes companies with a systematic method of evaluating new ideas and developing innovative approaches to conduct business. In this post, I’ll show you five crucial tips for using such software and systems for getting the most out of your innovations. The preamble Innovation is tremendously important in a (more)

How Web Based Customer Service Apps are Transforming IT Help Desks

by Rod Dunne December 14, 2011 Human Side
The rise of online services in the customer support niche

It should be apparent to you that just about everybody loves to see superior support for information technology issue whenever a software tool or service goes down. Modern online customer service software lies behind each of your support requests and provides companies with the edge to exceed what the competition is offering consumers. Key to (more)

Using Analytical Market Segmentation Strategy for Improving Business Growth

by Rod Dunne December 9, 2011 Marketing
Finding the 20% of Your Market Segment That Bring in 20% of the Profits

The success of your business lies in its ability to target your main customers effectively, and one way to achieve this is by market segmentation. When trying to understand how to marketing new product you’ll find a simple way to define market segmentation is by dividing your market into various groups according to criteria such (more)